How to Find out Who Someone is Talking to on Facebook Messenger?

Do you want to know how to tell who someone is talking to on Facebook Messenger but don’t know where to start? If so, then today is your lucky day, because this is content for you.

One way that you can find out who someone is talking to online is to get their phone and access it on your own.

Though this method sounds pretty simple, actually, it is not especially, if you don’t have the chance to get the device or the phone has a password.


In today’s day and age, hacking is one of the most common things that can be performed by any person who has a feeling that there is something wrong.

So, if you want to know how to read someone’s Facebook Messages without them knowing, then keep on reading.

In this post, we have compiled some ways that can help you in determining who someone is talking to on Messenger.

3 ways to Tell If Someone Is Chatting on Facebook Messenger?

Social engineering or password guessing

If you want to know how to see who someone is talking to on Facebook Messenger without accessing their phone, you need to figure out your target’s password on Facebook.

One way that you can try is social engineering. This method actually refers to the usage of different psychological methods in order to control people into revealing sensitive details.

With this in mind, get a person to offer you their password details without them knowing it and then hack Facebook messenger conversations to see who they are chatting with.


However, if this does not work, consider guessing their password. This sounds more difficult than it is, right? Either way, according to one recent survey conducted by Avast, more than 80% of Facebook Messenger users are using weak passwords.

As a matter of fact, the most popular passcodes people utilize are their wedding anniversary dates, birthdates, and even the name of their pets and kid.

But keep in mind that it does not end there. The majority of people use one password for several accounts. Thus, think of a thing that is significant to your target and enter to determine whether you can gain access or not.

However, before you can proceed with this method make sure you know the username or email address of your target.

The ‘Forgot password’ method

Similar to the first method you will also need to know that the target’s username or email address on Facebook Messenger.

By simply using the ‘Forgot password’ method you will be able to see who your child is talking to on Facebook Messenger with ease.

On the other hand, this method will also allow you to set a new password for the account after the reset link is delivered to the target’s email.


However, if you’re wondering how you can do it since you don’t know their password on email, don’t worry because it is pretty easy. If they are using a Gmail account, then simply follow the steps below.

  • Hack the target’s email account using a phishing app for Gmail.
  • Next, you will have to make a site that lets you make a pseudo-Gmail account.
  • Make an index folder and then make use of a spoofing program so that it will look like the actual Gmail.
  • To access the password, send this to the target.
  • When you are in, go to Facebook and reset the password. Then the link will be delivered to the email address of the target that you currently have access to.
  • Come up with a new password and log in to the target’s account and to find out who they are talking to.

The drawback of this method is that you will need to reset the password on a regular basis most especially if the target realizes that he/she can’t access the account.

Use NEXSPY monitoring app

Using an app like NEXSPY is another method that you can try if you want to know how to hack Facebook Messenger app to check who they are talking to.

NEXSPY is a 100% hidden and safe app the can be installed on Android as well as iOS devices.

This app is particularly good for employers and parents. Perhaps you’re suspecting your employees or kids’ online behavior and activity and want to find out who they’re talking to.


Whatever your reason is, this app will help you hack Facebook messenger.

Parents will surely love NEXSPY because it will offer them the opportunity to protect their kids from abuse, sexting, cyberbullying, and other online dangers.

Employers will benefit from this app because they will be able to monitor their employees’ activity.

How to use NEXSPY?

If you want to use this app, you need to buy a Premium license from NEXSPY’s official website. Then install the app on the target device.

Once it is installed, you can start seeing who someone is talking to on Facebook Messenger.

You just need to login to your own NEXSPY account to access all the information the app has captured for you.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

How much is this app?

Truthfully, NEXSPY is one of the most affordable spy apps on the market. You can get the monthly plan for $39, quarterly for $87, and $228 for the yearly plan.

If you want to save a lot you may want to take the quarterly or yearly plan. But, if you want to evaluate all the features of the app, then consider taking the monthly plan and upgrade it afterward.


Today, you can easily to hack a Facebook account. However, among the three methods provided above, we highly recommend that you use the NEXSPY app.

Unlike the first two methods, you don’t need to perform a lot of steps to gain access to a certain account. All you need to do is buy and install the app, and you are ready to go.