Webwatcher Review 2021 – Is It a Scam or Legit?

Overview of WebWatcher

Developed by Awareness Technologies in the year 2002, WebWatcher is a licensed monitoring software and a popular parental monitoring app designed to keep track of the child’s mobile activities.

Like the other monitoring apps, this app also works in almost all the same way. It captures the data that is present in the target device and displays it for you on a secure account.

Through the web account, you can access your child’s device remotely and keep an eye out for your child’s safety.


WebWatcher app is compatible with iOS (Mac, iPhones, iPad), Android, and PC. The app has a number of impressive features to help you monitor your child’s activity.

The WebWatcher app allows you to keep track of your child’s text messages, instant messages like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Line, and other messengers.

Installing the spy app lets you gain access to their media files such as photos, videos, call logs, Web history, the contacts, GPS, social media sites they use, and many other features.

As a cautious parent who wants their child to be safe and secure in the web world, WebWatcher does the job of doing just that. WebWatcher helps parents to protect their kids while surfing the internet, communicate with the world and friends online, or play games.

Not only is the WebWatcher designed for keeping track of a child’s activity on the mobile, but it also works for companies in the same way. In order to keep the intellectual resource of a business secure, one can make use of such monitoring apps to the fullest.

Features of WebWatcher

WebWatcher records messaging content, texts, social media activities, web browser searches and history, GPS locations, media files, and many more. For PC, Android, Chromebook, and Mac users, parents can view data and the activities in real-time.


For iOS, information is sent to the parent’s account once on a daily basis. WebWatcher allows the monitoring of numerous social media apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Kik, Viber, Snapchat, and also Tinder, the dating website.

The WebWatcher allows monitoring of features such as:

  • Instant messages and chats
  • Emails (sent and received)
  • Screenshots of monitored PC
  • Websites blocking
  • Visited websites
  • Social networking activity
  • Peer-to-peer activity
  • Typed keystrokes
  • GPS location in real-time

WebWatcher spy app for Android and iPhone users has the following features:

  • Text messages: You can monitor all the received and sent messages on Android and iOS devices.
  • GPS: Installing the app on the target phone will let you gain access to GPS tracking, as well as location history.
  • Kik: View the incoming and sent text messages.
  • Web history: Allows you to access the sites visited and search history.
  • WhatsApp: Access the incoming and sent messages.
  • Tinder: Access the inbound text message notifications.
  • Viber: Read the incoming text messages on iOS and Android devices.
  • Call history: Keep track of all the incoming and outgoing calls. Also, view the calls missed on the target device.
  • Apps: Get access to the list of applications that are installed on the target mobile.
  • Photos: View and access the photos taken and saved on the target mobile.

The best alternative to WebWatcher – NEXSPY

NEXSPY is one of the very best spy apps that is totally compatible for any Android device. With a powerful and wide range of features, it is another top-performing apps. Not only secure and safe, but it is also very easy to set up and installs.

Some of the basic features are tracking the incoming and outgoing calls, monitoring the website browsing, GPS tracking in real-time, assessing the social media activities, and so on. All of these can be done quite quickly and easily.


The pricing of the app is also another reason as to why NEXSPY is better than the WebWatcher. There is a huge margin of difference, even in the basic version of the apps.

With the influence of technological advancement, the absence of the Android keylogger feature in the WebWatcher app is one drawback of the monitoring app.

There are certainly important and vital features that are absent in the WebWatcher app, which are otherwise all present in NEXSPY. Thus, all these details make NEXSPY a better alternative to WebWatcher in many spheres.

NEXSPY Overview

To be safe and secure in today’s advanced world, it is vital to monitor your child or children or your employees. So, for the sake of security, getting hold of such apps is a must today for most of the individuals today.


With many software available, it is important to get the one that offers the best functionality among the many. One such is the NEXSPY app that checks out most of the requirements you might need.

In comparison to other spy applications, NEXSPY offers more features at an affordable and low price. The app offers excellent service, unlike any other.

Some of the features are:

  • Call Logs: Lets you monitor the incoming and outgoing call logs.
  • Address Book: Get access to all the contact information of the target phone.
  • VoIP Call & Ambient Recording: Allows you to remotely record the VoIP calls as well as discreetly allows the record of the iPad’s surroundings.
  • Messages: Through the app, you can avail access to read the messages that are all sent as received through SMS texts. You can also remotely access the MMS too.
  • iMessage: Get access to all the incoming, and the outgoing iMessage’s made.
  • Emails: You can read all the emails that are sent or received from the target device.
  • Facebook Messenger: All chats and the call logs from the Messenger app, plus the group chats, can be read.
  • WhatsApp: You can also view messages, multimedia, and call logs from the target mobile.
  • Skype: Gain access to all Skype conversations, multimedia files, and call logs.
  • Viber: Allows you to gain access to all the Viber texts, call logs, and received or sent photos.
  • LINE: Take stock of all the sent and received LINE messages and the incoming and outgoing call logs.
  • You can gain access to other social networking apps such as Instagram, WeChat, Telegram, Tinder, Kik Messenger, Hike Messenger, or Google Hangouts.
  • Location Tracking: Installing the app on the target phone will let you gain access to real-time GPS tracking, Geo-Fencing as well as location history.
  • Internet Activity: Lets you keep track of the target phone’s browser history such as websites visited, date and time of the visits, etc.
  • Network Connection: Get a report of the Wi-Fi networks that the device has connected to. The app also allows you to view with date, location, and timestamps.
  • Media Files: Installing the app will let you get access to all the photos, videos, and audio files that you can monitor.
  • Applications: Keep track of the applications installed, the activity history, and the preferences of the target device. Screenshots of the applications can also be kept track of viewing.
  • Calendar: Grants you access to all the calendar appointments and details. The app also helps to keep track of important information such as time, place, location, etc.
  • Keylogger: View anything that is typed from any application discretely and remotely.
  • Remote SpyCam: You can take photos with the SpyCam feature through the iPad’s exclusive camera remotely.
  • Remote Video Capture: You can record videos with the exclusive feature Video Recorder using the iPad’s camera.
  • Alerts: Via an email, you can get notifications id the SIM card changed. Notifications for specific numbers or keywords is also another bonus feature.
  • Invisibility Option: You can also choose the invisibility option and remain hidden.
  • Remote Control: Control all the aspects such as remote SMS command, remote restart, deactivation, etc.
  • Remote Update: Keep your version up-to-date with automatic updates.
NEXSPY dashboard 1

Features Comparison

Wi-Fi Network LogsYESYES
Phone logs YESYES
Call & Surrounding RecordingYESNO

Social Media monitoring
WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Line, Viber, Kik, Skype, Kik, Tinder, iMessage.WhatsApp, Skype, iMessage, Snapchat, Viber, Tinder, Facebook, Telegram, Line, Hangouts.
Remote CommandsScreenshot, Device Locking, Device Wipe.Device Locking, Device Wipeout.
Watchlist AlertsYESNO

The table displayed above shows the variations in the features between the two monitoring apps.

Though the WebWatcher is the older app of the two, it has evolved over time with the changing needs and security concerns of the parents as well as the business folks.

Both apps have features of alerting and notifying risky behaviors among kids and employees. However, in the area of notifying the user, NEXSPY has the cutting edge.


Though both the apps offer 24/7 customer care service, the direct notification feature is not available in the WebWatcher. The non-availability of this feature is one serious drawback.

This is so because in today’s time and generation, having the time for making quick responses and feedback is vital for the wellbeing of a child. So, in the case of superior features and diversity, NEXSPY emerges as the better option.

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Especially for a parent, making and keeping the activities of a child safe and secure is essential. Plus, having a safe and secure platform for ensuring safety is important. Therefore, having a go at using NEXSPY seems to be better.

How to use NEXSPY?

Purchase the license

To make the best of everything that you are paying for, getting the Premium version will be the best option for you. Getting the Premium license will give you access to a wide range of features that is Premium in every way.

To use the NEXSPY app, you need first to purchase the three available packages. You can choose the monthly plan or the famous quarterly monitoring package. If you are the no-hassle type then, you can opt for the one-year monitoring package plan.


After choosing one, proceed to purchase the selected plan using your authentic email address. Upon which, credentials and information on your purchase will be sent to your email along with instructions for installation.


For installation purposes, you should first acquire the device. Next, you need to download the NEXSPY app from the site’s online repository.

After completing the app download, install it, and then type in the license code. The code will be sent to you through an email that is sent when asked to actuate the app.


After installing the app successfully, now you can now monitor and access all the data from your premium account. You can track the records using any browser through the my[dot]nexspy[dot]com site.