Vivint vs ADT: Which is better ADT or Vivint?


Vivint and ADT are a lot alike than being different. The major difference is ADT falls behind with shorter contract durations and ADT uses universal types of equipment in its installation. Whereas, Vivint gives an easier option of shopping without any consultation.

A quick comparison

Professional installation: both Vivint and ADT provide professional installation services, unlike some who provide a DIY type of home security systems for installation.

Supporting features: both Vivint and ADT provide advanced supporting features like video cameras for indoor and outdoor use with audio support and home automation as well.


Period of contract: both Vivint and ADT have long term contracts. ADT has shorter span contracts compared to Vivint.

Emergency measures:  both Vivint and ADT use radio cells to contact emergency measures.

Price: though both have similar pricing, the prices offered by Vivint are more justified and flexible for buyers opting for video camera surveillance and home automation.

Some similarities between the two

  • Both provide wireless home security systems.
  • Both provide pro-installations.
  • Indoor and outdoor security is available in both.
  • The alternative of home automation is installed in both.
  • All in one security system.
  • Support of video cameras.

Elaboration of these similarities

Both provide wireless home security systems

Wireless home security can be described as an alternative to highly wired security. The medium of communication between devices is through radio signals instead of wires. The biggest advantage of wireless installation is there aren’t any wires hanging on the walls.


Both provide pro-installations

Both provide pro-installations suggests that both alternatives send an installation team to professionally fix the system in the house. For some customers, it is a good alternative to the DIY type systems while some prefer those DIY systems.

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Indoor and outdoor security options are available in both

Both companies have options available for indoor and outdoor security installations.

Home automation is available in both

Various devices in the house can be controlled using these systems. This is called home automation which basically means a smart house. Door locks, scheduled lighting, other appliances can also be managed.


All in one security systems

Both systems provide associated functions along with basic security, functions such as smoke detection, fire alarms, door or window entry, etc.

Support of video cameras

Both systems provide full range video camera surveillance with audio as well. These cameras are available for both indoor and outdoor usage. Along with which, stationary cameras, planning cameras, and doorbell cameras are also available.


  • The period of the contract varies for both the systems.
  • The pricing if both also has minor differences.
  • Use of proprietary and non-proprietary equipment.

Elaboration of these differences

  • Period of the contract

The contract of both companies has different periods of validity. ADT has 36 months contract whereas Vivint has 42 months to 60 months contracts. The contracts majorly pay for monitoring and types of equipment used by systems.

  • Pricing of both systems

Prices for 3 months package of Vivint are $29.99 or $39.99 or $49.99. The high-end Vivint plan supports home automation and video cameras.

Whereas, the ADT plan with the lowest price, costs $47.99. This plan doesn’t include either of home automation or video camera facilities.


To know about advanced plans the buyers have to go through a 45 minutes sales consultation. Also, the prices of ADT systems vary from region to region and equipment to equipment.

  • Use of proprietary and non-proprietary equipment

Some equipment used by Vivint is built by them itself while they use some equipment built by other companies. ADT only uses equipment built by other companies only. They do not build any equipment on their own.

Pros and cons

For example, the research and development team at Vivint can help them provide a cutting edge. Vivint has built a smart thermostat that costs less than other popular thermostats.

But, the shortcoming of this technique is that it lacks behind in providing flexibility to the customers, unlike the ADT systems.

Some other peculiar features are also considered while choosing between Vivint and ADT. For example, customers choose ADT because it provides the best medical alerts. Their alerts work across the entire US where cell networks are used for communication. Compared to which, the panic alert sent by Vivint work only between the stations that fall in the range of 350 feet of the base station.

Both the companies support thermostat, but Vivint builds its own thermostat which comparatively costs less than that offered by other companies.


Use of proprietary and non-proprietary equipment

ADT also provides easy cancellation. The buyers can back out of the contract within 6 months of installation. Unlike which Vivint provides a shorter window for cancellation ranging from 3 days to 1 month only.

Summary Comparison

To sum up, in comparison it can be found that, both are high-end wireless equipment, they both provide pro installations and varied contracts. Each one of the companies has some advantages and some disadvantages over the other. To find out the best one between these two, one has to choose according to their preferences. ADT has the option of using cell chip and landline. It has a wider range of connection and service area.

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Most people opt for Vivint home security in place of ADT because of its flexibility in plans and offers adjacent to those plans. While comparing Vivint home security vs ADT, Vivint will slightly have an upper hand, because of the services it offers. Vivint has easier shopping options because it gives prices without consultations. The minimum period of the contracts offered by Vivint is governed by state law. Vivint gives an option of up-front payment to lower the monthly bill.

The only way of using Vivint is through cell monitoring. Hence, it only works in areas where cell services are available.

ADT has been used over a century for home security, but Vivint was established in the Millennial era. ADT is also efficient in customer service.