Vivint Home Security Review 2021

All the homes are becoming smart homes with equipment of all smart devices. With smart homes, there comes a huge responsibility to manage all the smart things in the homes. Whether you have all smart devices including televisions, cell phones, or even a watch, it is not secure in any way if your home is not protected. It is not that all the homes aren’t protected, many are using various home security, and many are not aware of any home securities. If even solution to home securities are known to several people, many of them avoid using it either because of high price or simply they don’t find it useful.

If you are one of the persons who is looking for Home Securities, one of the home securities can be recommended is Vivint Home Security. It is a premium smart solution which provides high-tech features all around your house. Vivint Home Security has been awarded for its great services as best technology, best home automation, and best for large homes.


If you are looking for Vivint security reviews, this article can be of much help for you. So, let us get to know how Vivint Home Security can be one of the best suitable home protections for you.

Vivint Home Security review and ratings

Vivint home security review and Vivint smart home reviews are helping many people in choosing a good home security system. Vivint security review has around the rating of 9/10 for its fabulous features. Vivint’s 100% wireless system helps in the protection of smart homes at its best and guard against intruders and trespassers. As we all know, everything is not perfect, so with some pros there comes some cons too and Vivint home security also has some cons with the pros.

Let us first look at the positive side of the Vivint Home Security.

  • Available Same Day
  • 100% wireless systems which connect to powerful radio networks
  • Provides Internet connectivity and solar energy
  • Remote Access via Sky App
  • Indoor/Outdoor Video Camera
  • Doorbell Camera
  • Voice automation
  • Landline/Cellular Connection

With pros, there are some cons too

  • Smaller Trial Period
  • Long-term Plans
  • Above-average monthly costs
  • Requires advance installation

What is Vivint?

Vivint is all-in-one care for your home security which was launched in the year 1977 as APX Alarm Security. Today, Vivint home security is one of the best-ranked home security services. In previous years, Vivint provides home care services like voice recognition, remote control door locks, doorbell camera – “one of the most used features of Vivint Home Security”, panned video cameras, and 2-way voice communication.


Vivint also provides services like solar energy and Internet services. There are different packages of Vivint Home Services that range from $29.99/ month to $49.99/ month, depending upon the plans chosen by you for the services by you.

Vivint uses wireless systems which are professionally installed and are connected to a powerful cell radio network which can be used to reach emergency monitors by the technicians in case of any failure. Unlike other home security systems which have different monitoring sources, Vivint has its own monitoring services and according to reports of 2014, it has 10 seconds of average call response time. Let us look at Vivint Home Security review at a glance.

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Vivint home security tech and equipment

Let us look out some standout features of Vivint Home Security.

Doorbell Camera

Just take a situation when you have to go out of your house in an emergency. There is a possibility that some important person may knock on your door when you are away. How will you know it? If you have some security cameras installed at your doorstep with a remote access feature, it will be easier for you to know who knocked at your door when you were away. Vivint provides you with the facility to configure your doorbell camera to your mobile device via Vivint Sky App. It also has a 2-way communication system, which lets you allow to see and talk to the person who comes to your door while you are away.


If you are expecting any packages while you are away, you can guide the delivery person from your phone to keep the package where you want it to be kept. Not only this, you can even lock and unlock the front door using your mobile device and ask the person to leave the package inside your home.

Voice-automated Home Security 

Vivint home security reviews are par ahead from all the other home securities reviews. Not only you can use video cameras fitted outside your door, but you can also use voice automation to control every smart gadget inside your house. Vivint DIY Home Security has integration with Amazon echo voice technologies, so if you have Amazon echo installed at your home, it is an add-on to the Vivint Home Security.

Video Cameras

Doorbell Camera is one thing and Video Camera is another thing which a feature of Vivint Home Security is. You can find this feature in almost all home security services. But what makes it different? Video cameras can be installed in both indoor and outdoor environment and through its Sky app, it can be viewed live at any place. Furthermore, you can choose where to save the videos which are recorded by the camera. Either it can be saved on an internal device or cloud storage, as Vivint gives you the flexibility to choose your storage device.


A Remote that can be used as your requirement

With the remote control which is provided to you by the company have several features such as arming or disarming the system, a panic button and a button to lock and unlock the doors. If you have smart lights installed in your home, your remote can be customized to control that too.

Set a schedule for every smart gadget installed

With Vivint home security services you can control all your smart devices such as smart lights, smart blinds, smart doors and windows, everything.

Additional features of Vivint Home Security

Additional to the features, Vivint home security provides a Vivint Sky 2.0 control panel which is 7” touchscreen device. Below is the list of the functions and features of Vivint Sky 2.0.

The touchscreen system has control such as:

  • Two-way voice for emergency
  • Panic Button
  • Button to arm/disarm

Also, the Vivint home security is packed with various sensors such as:

  • Motion Sensors
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensor
  • Smoke and Heat Sensors
  • Water Leak Sensors
  • Entry Door Sensors
  • Glass Break Sensors

The video camera by Vivint home security has features like:

  • Panned Cameras
  • Tilt Camera
  • Doorbell Camera with mobile and voice access
  • Indoor and Outdoor Camera

Home automation which is provided by Vivint Home Security has features such as:

  • Controlling lights
  • Door lock/unlock
  • Voice commands
  • Remote Thermostat control

Customer Service Experience

With the Vivint home security reviews, customer service experience of Vivint has improved a lot over the years. From going to B-grade to A-grade rating, customer experience of Vivint has increased a lot over the years. Vivint has faced so many complaints and charges for deceptive sales tactics, but ratings of Vivint Home Security helped it in gaining fair popularity among its customers.


Final Verdict

This Vivint Smart Home review may help you find the best protection for smart homes. As many of the houses are equipped with smart gadgets such as Video Cameras, automatic lights, doorbell cameras, the article will help you in knowing what you should look for the protection of your smart home. This can include all the things mentioned above with addition to several other features. There is also 24/7 Support, 24/7 Monitoring, 24/7 Continuous recording with storage in the cloud and 1 TB as internal storage. It is also equipped to monitor pets.

Overall ratings for the services are given below:

  • Customer Service – 7.8
  • Features and Technology – 9.8
  • Equipment – 9.6
  • Ease of Use – 9.5
  • Value – 8.4

which makes a total average score of 9.0 out of 10.0

Now let us briefly why one should use Vivint Home Security as their primary security home care. From all the points, features, and customer experiences, I can say that if you planning to adapt for high-end security for your home, you must have a look at Vivint Home Security system. I also want to let you know that if you are looking for some budget security system, then, unfortunately, Vivint Home Security might not be suitable for you, because basic plans and installation starts from a slightly higher price range. This is the only cons because of which Vivint is not suitable for people who are looking for normal home security. This is somewhat advanced home security which can cover your whole house and on top of that, you can also avail features like solar energy and internet connectivity from Vivint. Also, if you are okay with long-term investment plan and packages, then you can surely go for it.

From providing online streaming of indoor or outdoor videos to having a feature of 2-way calling for an emergency, Vivint home security has almost all the basic as well as advance protections and if one can afford the plans and packages it can be best home security for them.