How to Track Someone’s Phone by Their Number?

The world is a much more dangerous place to live in that it was twenty years ago. Nowadays, every citizen needs to take steps to make sure that they, their loved ones and businesses are safe. Phone number location tracking is a major step in that direction.

Did you know that 1 in 12 women are stalked in their lives? Those strange numbers calling your home may not be so random after all. And what about that strange number that keeps calling one of your employees? You need to be able to track down the location of such numbers for safety reasons.


The question for most people is: How do you track down the location of a phone number? Luckily, advancements in technology mean that there are many ways you can do that. Just having the phone number allows you to track it online easily, fast, and free.

Here, we will show you 6 ways to do just that. We will also show you how you can get much more information than over a longer period, get location history as well as real-time location data using NEXSPY.

How to Find Your Phone’s Location by Number?


This is a website that can find the location of the phone associated with a phone number you’re interested in. It can do this from anywhere in the world and is completely free of charge.

The way it achieves this is through a phone’s SIM card. This is also called a subscriber identity module. In normal circumstances, your phone constantly sends out data to nearby cell towers. Anyone who can get in on this data can track your phone wherever it goes, so long as it is on.

ZoSearch also uses trilateration to mathematically calculate the positioning of a particular device. This is the same process that GPS systems use. It involves using the positioning of satellites, cell towers, and even other devices to calculate the exact position of the device.

This can be achieved remotely, or it might require calling the number to trace back the signal. Either way, it is a quick way to get the location of a number quickly, for free and without having to go through a lot of hurdles.

This is free app to track cell phone location that you can download for iOS and Android. It offers several functions, including finding the location of any number by sending an SMS. Apart from that, it offers phone tracking services for those devices.

If you do not have the app installed on the target device, you can still access a variety of options. For example, you can send an SMS message to the number that can allow you to track their location data.


The SMS message contains a link that if the user clicks, will lead to their location data being made available to you. It allows you to access their GPS through which you can then monitor their location data.

However, for best results, the app itself needs to be installed on the target device as well. This allows for much deeper tracking capabilities such as location history and geofencing. You can even get some level of remote control with this app.

The app is available for free both for Android and iOS. You can also access it through PC.

This is the world’s best-known caller identification service. It is the most popular, with over 200 million people using it all over the world. The reason for this is that it is simple, intuitive, and it works.

With, you simply type in a phone number and search. It will return the names, email, photo, alternative contacts and sometimes even the location of the user.

The data that has is crowdsourced from all the hundreds of millions of other mobile phones. Someone somewhere has this information saved on their phone, you will get it.


The one major shortcoming of is that it relies on information that other people have. This means that location data may not be available. Also, if it is a new number, it will have no information about it.

All the same, if you want instant information about a strange number, then is the place to start. It is free, and will only take seconds. It is accessible as an app for smartphones, both iOS, and Android. You can also access the service on their website. also offers services like contact blocking and can also function as a calling service, just like your default phone software.

Mobile Number Tracker Pro

For iPhone and iPad users, this is an app that was developed to look for and display data about a phone number. This includes the identity of the user, city (location), mobile carrier and other details associated with the number.

The app needs to be installed on the target phone too so that it can get location data. It also needs to have location settings on and allowed so that it can share this information.

This app would be useful for someone in legal authority, like a parent. They can install this app on their kid’s phone and can then track them down whenever they want.


Without having this app installed on the target phone, the information that gets displayed is carrier info as well as any other publicly available data on the phone number. This information is obtained from databases maintained in various countries.

What makes this app great is that it is among the most popular on the Apple Store. It has a wide database of carriers covering over 200 countries. Besides, it is very customizable, can be used to make calls and send texts, and can be used for location monitoring.

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Mobile Number Locator

This one is for Android users. If you wish to track the location of any phone number, whether known or unknown, all you need to do is to type in the phone number in the app.

The mobile number locator also lets you select a number from your contacts or call logs. It displays common information such as caller ID, carrier information, the identity of the owner of the phone number among others.


Mobile number locator also claims to show the location of the phone number that is calling, but that is a claim that we cannot substantiate. Most likely, just like the rest of the location apps, it needs you to have installed the app on the other phone as well for it to work.

If that is not the case, we have noticed that the app tends to give the same (wrong) location, no matter what phone number you search.

However, if you just want caller ID services, then Mobile Number Locator is a good option.

How to track cell phone location by using their phone number?

The truth is, getting the location of a phone using just a phone number is very difficult. Modern security measures make it very difficult to simply call a number and determine its location unless you’re an accomplished hacker.

How to track a cell phone location without Installing software? The free online mobile tracker services that simply ask you to type in a phone number and get its location are most likely pulling a fast one on you. While it is true that there are vulnerabilities that can be utilized to find the location of the number, especially through carriers, it is difficult and expensive to do this.

Hackers and law enforcement usually take advantage of flaws in the SS7 protocol to find location data. For example, they can deploy Stingrays near your location. Stingrays are fake cell phone towers that dupe your phone into connecting with them, thus making it easy to intercept all the data sent and received.

Another way that your location can be obtained by number is by getting location data from your carrier. By default, all cell towers will have your current location and update it as you move around so that you can be kept connected to the network at all times. Some rogue carriers can sell this information to third parties for the right price.

A third way would be to use viruses embedded in SMS messages to force your phone to reveal its location.

The bottom line here is that while it is possible to track a phone number online, it won’t be easy, and it won’t be free. It takes way too much effort and resources. Most of the online sources claiming to do it for free will not give you location data because they can’t.

The best way to track a phone

To track a cell phone location for free by number is not worth the resources it would take. If you want real-time, actionable location data, the only way to do it is to install an app that constantly collects and shares this data.


Some of the apps like Imap-app work on this principle. However, they go about the whole thing in a very amateurish way. For one, they give inaccurate location data. Secondly, they are easily found and removed by the subject.

If you want real, professional tracking services, you need the NEXSPY phone tracker apps without permission. NEXSPY is the most advanced phone spy app which once installed on the target device, hides and sends you location data discreetly.

NEXSPY is the best option for location tracking

If you’re a concerned parent or a wise business manager, finding out the location of the phone once is not enough. You need an option that keeps tracking even when you’re not looking. You need software that can analyze this data to give you a virtual map of all places visited, places most visited, and more.

Once you fire up NEXSPY, you can track down the target phone to within a few meters. NEXSPY also gives you added capabilities like read someone’s text messages, phone calls, chats from messaging apps, among others.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

Even more importantly, NEXSPY is completely discreet. It stays hidden and works silently in the background to collect and send location data. It remains undetectable by all conventional means, which is especially important if you were monitoring a troublesome teenager or some other unwilling party.

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Conclusion: Track a cell phone location by number

Technology has evolved to the point where you can locate a mobile phone online at any time you wish. However, this same technology has vastly improved security measures for all types of phones.

Locating a phone does not work like in the movies where you just type in a number and find its location. It is much more complicated than that, and even law enforcement has to use some roundabout methods to achieve this.

The only way to effectively locate a cell phone location online is to use its GPS, and even this information is not easy to obtain. This is why you need to have an app installed on the target phone that can collect location information on the go.

While many apps purport to do exactly this, you need professional-grade software to get accurate location information. The most advanced currently is NEXSPY. Apart from location information, it also gives you a wide range of information from the target phone.

Do not fall for the scammers who claim that you can track a cell phone by number simply by typing it into a website. Come back to your senses, and start using NEXSPY for peace of mind always.