How To Track Someone Elses iPhone Without Them Knowing

Wondering how to track an iPhone without them knowing? In this scary modern world, advanced phone tracking applications have become very helpful. They make us certain that our accomplice, youngsters, and other closest and dearest are protected.


These telephone applications are easy to use and can work in a stealth mode. In this way, your target won’t understand that you are spying or attempting to hack someone’s Facebook, observing movement and locations, and social event data about the visited spots. How to do it without somebody’s authorization?

How to track an iPhone without them knowing?

There are numerous iPhone spy apps that ‘guarantee’ to track an iPhone, but not many of them really work? This is the reason we invested a great deal of energy investigating in various ways accessible out there to track an iPhone.

A large portion of them was a sheer misuse of time and money. But right here we have a solution for you. Our hunt landed us to NEXSPY, the response to every one of our inquiries. Then what is NEXSPY?

NEXSPY is a phone tracker app without permission that allows you access to the target device remotely. Through your internet browser, you can remotely view every information of the target device with NEXSPY. This includes the device’s location, browser history, app activity, and so forth.


With NEXSPY, you can track any iPhone stealthily. The other individual will never discover that you are tracking their iPhone. This is a direct result of the front line innovation that NEXSPY employs. 

When you are utilizing NEXSPY to track an iPhone, there is positively NO NEED to introduce any application on the target device. You are tracking the device remotely through your internet browser. Accordingly, the client never discovers that he is being observed.

Consequently, when you aren’t contacting the smartphone in target and there is no application establishment on it, the client gets no opportunity of discovering they are being checked. Most likely this is the reason it is trusted by such a large number of clients all around the globe.

Is NEXSPY reliable?

It is normal for an individual to be wary of the thought. An application that can give you all the information about the phone in question? In any case, at that point, we thought of trying it out at least one time.

This was a great surprise as the software does work well. Within minutes of installation, we were tracking our children’s location directly from our screen. In this manner, we can vouch for NEXSPY. It is trustworthy.


Uses of NEXSPY

NEXSPY gives you access to everything on your target phone. Here are a couple of highlight features that NEXSPY offers:

Location Access

This is presumably the primary concern you are looking for. NEXSPY will give you complete access to the target phone’s location. Not just that, it will likewise demonstrate to you the ongoing spots visited alongside the timestamps.

Application Monitor

It gives you a list of all the applications installed on your device. You can pick which applications to permit and which applications to confine.


Browser History Monitor

This feature gives you access to the target’s perusing history. You can even set confinements on specific sites so the target client can’t visit them. 


NEXSPY enables you to set topographical parameters around the target phone’s location. On the off chance that the individual crosses these area limits, you will get an alarm. This helps monitor your kids phone whereabouts.


Social Media Monitor

This element enables you to keep an eye on the web-based life records of the client. You can watch out for A-Z data of their internet-based life handles. This incorporates the individuals they converse with, what they talk about, and every one of the pages they visit.


This is my preferred feature of NEXSPY. It monitors every one of the keystrokes that are made by the client. This incorporates the talk messages he/she types, his/her credentials for signing into devices, and even his/her program look.

Advantages of NEXSPY 

24/7 Tracking

NEXSPY tracks live location of the device, however, it likewise monitors the whereabouts when you are not observing it. In this way, even when you are dozing, NEXSPY is as yet wakeful.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

Feature-Rich Interface

NEXSPY has A LOT of features. It is so much you can do. Location tracking is its least. You can even get into the Facebook or Snapchat record of the client. 

No Root Required

NEXSPY doesn’t expect you to root your device. It respects your information and your security. Also, this ensures you don’t need to mess with the target device. So the client never comes to realize that they are being checked.

Reputed Software

NEXSPY is a respected tool with a large number of clients around the world.

No App Downloads

NEXSPY doesn’t expect you to download any application to screen the target iPhone. You can see the information and location remotely through any internet browser.


How to track an iPhone by phone number?

Tracking any iPhone with NEXSPY is very simple with the following steps:

  1. Sign up for NEXSPY.
  2. Select your device type and pick an estimating plan for the equivalent.
  3. Follow some fundamental directions on the arrangement wizard.
  4. Verify the iCloud credentials of your target device. The framework will pause for a moment or so to look at it.
  5. Select the device for which you need to see the reinforcement information. Hang tight for a couple of minutes while the framework downloads the information.
  6. You are prepared to start. Hit Start!
NEXSPY dashboard

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How to secretly track an iPhone?

Cocospy is another very good tool for iPhone tracking. Cocospy is an iPhone location tracker that gives you access to a great deal of information about the device. This includes messages, calls, and even internet based life accounts.

Also, Cocospy achieves this even without introducing a solitary application on the target iPhone. You might be thinking, ‘if there is no application establishment, in what capacity will Cocospy screen the target iPhone?’ Cocospy is driven by a group of specialists who have settled this issue.


iPhones accompany an iCloud reinforcement include. This component as a matter, of course, backs up the device information to the cloud server.

Cocospy uses this information and concentrates all the pertinent data out of it. In this manner, all you have to track a target device is the iCloud qualifications of the target device.

Track iPhone Location by Phone Number Without Installing an App

While we have given you two astonishing approaches to find free app to track cell phone location, we understand that not every person is searching for a paid solution. Here I will discuss a free method through which you can track a cell phone location without Installing software.

To empower free iPhone tracking on your target device, you can essentially utilize Apple’s built-in feature.

  • To use it, simply open the “Settings” of your iPhone. Tap on the “Apple ID”.
  • In this, you will discover “iCloud settings”. Go to iCloud settings. Empower the “Discover my telephone” choice.
  • At times, you can be asked to check your Apple ID. Please re-enter your iCloud username and secret word to check.
  • Once you have it empowered, you can track the iPhone’s location remotely through iCloud reinforcement.
  • All you have to do is go to iCloud’s site. Sign in to your iCloud account.
  • You’ll discover the “Discover my telephone” choice on the site. Snap-on it.
  • You can go to all devices and select the one whose location you wish to screen.

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Free versus paid iPhone tracker

Since we have given you both free and paid approaches to track an iPhone’s location, let us look at these ways.


There is not a correlation between the features of the paid techniques versus the free ones. While the free methods may give you access to the iPhone’s location, applications like NEXSPY and Cocospy offer quite a lot more.


Most of the free iPhone tracking methods are useless. They will request that you take overviews and human confirmations. When you are finished with those, nothing occurs. While paid applications like NEXSPY, there is nothing to stress over. A huge number of clients are utilizing it as of now.


Free cell phone tracker app for iPhone are rarely secure. On the other hand, applications like NEXSPY and Cocospy are constructed remembering your security and wellbeing.

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Conclusion: How to Track Someone’s iPhone

Nowadays, every mindful individual should exploit the best in class arrangements offered to us. It might be vital to have information and whereabouts of individuals we care about. In this blog, we have talked about some fundamental thoughts on the most proficient method like the use of NEXSPY to monitor your child’s iPhone message without them knowing.

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