How to Track My Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

In order to provide better facilities for their growing children, parents nowadays spend more time on their work. As working parents move out for their jobs, it becomes quite difficult for them to monitor their kids’ activities. Moreover, with the growing use of technology in education, parents have to provide their kids with the latest smartphones for various online educational projects. Smartphones with the internet are a big source of information and of various online activities.


To protect children from the evils of online activities like porn or cybercrimes a lot of spying apps are available. These apps help you to track your child’s phone without them knowing. These phone spy apps may help parents to monitor their kids’ phone and guide them suitably.

5 Best apps to track your child’s cell phone location

Although various spying applications are available in the market to track the phone without them knowing but very few provide reliable services. This makes it difficult for the parents to choose the right one to track their kids.

To help you in selecting the best for your requirements we have shortlisted the top 5 most reliable apps – NEXSPY, TheOneSpy, mSpy, Mobicip, and Famiguard. Let’s look at these spy apps one by one and satisfy your question, “How I may track my child’s phone without them knowing?”

NEXSPY – Best phone tracker app without permission

NEXSPY is one of the most suitable or compatible spy applications with an easy installation process. All you need to do is just to visit its official website for registration and select the subscription plan available in monthly, quarterly and yearly packages. NEXSPY gives you many reasonable subscriptions offers to choose from.


After purchasing the selected plan, log in through the credentials received on your email id. It is essential to have physical access to the phone for both operating systems. Jailbreak if it is an iPhone device and install as per given instructions. Once the installation is done you can track your child’s phone activities. 

This phone tracker app works on both Android as well as iOS. On Android, it works on both, rooted as well as unrooted devices. On the iPhone, it works only on jailbroken devices. It comes with 50 highly effective and useful features like monitoring calls, messages, and social media apps. NEXSPY monitors all media files, photos, and videos of your child’s phone. It has the feature to track the location. Moreover, with GEOfencing you may set alerts for entry and exit for a particular location.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

NEXSPY app also has a unique feature of a stealth camera through which you can monitor your child to whom they are meeting after school or college.

NEXSPY is compatible with,

  • iPhone – All versions up to iOS 12.4; Jailbroken
  • Android –Android OS 4.0.3- 9

The customer support services of NEXSPY make this app popular among parents and corporate companies. 

TheOneSpy – App to track phone without them knowing

Another favorite cell phone tracker app of parents to track the online activities of their kids without knowing them is TheOneSpy application as it is easy to install on the target device. Its popularity worldwide among parents is unmatched. Parents prefer this app in comparison to the other Android spy apps because it can track cell phone calls, GPS locations, messages and voice notes with great reliability. 

This app can also block calls on your child’s cell phone.  The social media monitoring of Snapchats, WhatsApp, etc. is very easy through this app. It gathers the information from cell phones once installed using the web-based control panel. 


TheOneSpy is compatible with Android, iPhone, and Blackberry devices. iPhone needs to be jailbroken while Android devices may be rooted or unrooted. It is necessary to have physical access to the device.

TheOneSpy provides you various types of subscriptions at reasonable prices. It gives you the value for money with an easy 14 days refund policy.

After purchasing the subscription plan, you receive an email with instructions. Install as per the instructions in less than a minute and start monitoring the target device.

TheOneSpy is compatible with,

  • iPhone – iOS 6.x – 8.0; Jailbroken
  • Android –Android OS 2.3.6 – 5.1.1 – 6.1 – 7.0

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Track my child’s phone without them knowing through mSpy

mSpy is one of the most famous Android and iPhone spy apps for parents to monitor their teens from cyberbullying and their online activities. You can access information regarding social media, browsing history, call log history, voice calls, photos, audios, and tracking of GPS locations, etc. It works with Jailbreaking and No-jailbreaking versions of iPhones.

After choosing the subscription from its official website you can download its application on the target device. After successful installation, sign up to get details of various internet activities of your child’s phone.


It is possible to remotely install mSpy on iPhone through iCloud credentials and by enabling iCloud backup on the device. For Android devices, it needs physical access to the target phone.

mSpy is compatible with almost all versions of Android and iPhones. You may enter your device version on the official website of mSpy to check the compatibility of your device.

It has unique four-level technical assistance. This includes Free services for Basic and Premium subscription users via live chat and email support. It also features paid personalized support and 24X7 assistance including guidance on installation.

Mobicip – Parental control app

It is important for every parent to give their kids a safe environment for learning. This parental control app is just there to help the parents to provide this safe and secured internet usage. Mobicip app provides you various features like dynamically scanning the content of the target phone online without them knowing about this. It also helps to supervise all the video content of the child’s phone. You may set age-specific videos and allow your child to view only those videos.

It acts like the kids’ locator app so that every movement of their location is under surveillance. 


You can set screen time on your child’s phone so that you can also control their mobile watching time. It helps them to restrict unnecessary usage of the phone for gaming or video watching. Parents can even block distracting apps. They can keep an eye on kids’ browsing history to prevent them from cyberbullying or cybercrimes. 

The installation of the Mobicip app is very simple. You should choose Parent mode whenever you are going to install on your child’s phone. It can be done through a scan QR code. Now your child’s phone is ready to be monitored through a dashboard.

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Famiguard – Phone Monitoring App

Famiguard is one of the safest phone monitor apps to guard your child with various features like app time control, web filter, location monitor, screen time and summary report of activities. It comes with special features of GEO fencing. In this feature, you can set a safe zone called GEO fences. Whenever your child moves out of that set zone, you get an alert message. This also prevents your child from kidnapping or any other illegal activities.

You can set a time limit to prevent your child to be addictive to some popular apps like Facebook, YouTube, and any type of online game. Instead, you can allow the child to use those apps which are beneficial. This app, therefore, is very useful to control the usage of apps.

It is very useful in blocking the unwanted app to prevent your kids from seeing any pornographic, violent or any other content not appropriate for their viewing.


The Famiguard app locates your child whenever you need it. It gives you the history of your child’s location. You don’t need to check with your kids about their current places frequently.

You can also stop or pause the usage of your child’s phone to prevent them from multiple problems like sleeplessness, obesity, mobile addiction, disinterest in outdoor games, etc. 

The installation of Famiguard is very simple. Firstly you have to register a Famiguard account. After doing registration download the Famiguard app on your child’s phone. You log in to your account and configure your child’s phone. Now you are ready to track the phone without knowing them.

Famiguard is compatible with all Android devices.

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Conclusion: Track my kids Phone

The spying applications have relieved parents from the dangers of cyberbullying and cyber crimes. With the help of monitoring apps for parents, they can track all the online activities of their kids away from home. These spy apps help you to track your kids’ messages, location, phone call details, and mobile networks and any other important information. This helps the child to focus on studies and keep them away from online filthy distractions.  

Although spy apps help you to keep surveillance on your child’s phone and keep them safe it has some disadvantages also as it is an intrusion in their personal lives which is morally incorrect. But if it is done with good intentions and for the betterment of children its legality should not be questioned.

Finally, check with the laws prevailing in your area of jurisdiction pertaining to spying before you proceed for spying your kids.

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