How to Track a Cell Phone Location without Installing Software?

The modern communication system, particularly telecommunication, depends heavily on the location parameter as service providers need your location to allow access to the nearest telecom tower.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) technology makes it sure that the exact location of the mobile device is picked in the very well defined latitude-longitude grid. The whole idea was to provide location-specific services to the user.

As a user, you may also feel the urge to find someone’s location by using their phone number, so that you could get the exact location of your kids, family members, and employees. So, how to track a cell phone location without installing software?


Thankfully, you have several options to track the location of your device for free as well as the device of your kids and employee. You must have your own specific set of reasons to track locations, but the majority of people share these specific needs:

Track your own device location as a safety measure. It is very common that people either forget or someone steals your device. Your smartphone is no more a simple communication it, it keeps record of all possible personal, private and secure information. Anyone in the hold of your device could use it to rob you of your fortunes.

Next, the major need for location tracking comes from parents who want to track whereabouts of their kids so that one could ensure maximum safety. Of course, some people want to track the activity of other family members for their reasons. Technology doesn’t identify your relationship, but the device only. So, it is up to you to decide what you want to do with the technology.

In recent years, business houses are a major user of this technology as they want to track employees to enable better delivery services and improve operational efficiency. All logistic, aggregator cabs, hotels, restaurant platforms are using GPS enabled location trackers to serve you efficiently.

How to track a cell phone location without installing software for free?

Thanks to GPS and mobile technology, it is pretty easy to track your own device. But when it comes to tracking someone else device, you have to get very advanced GPS tracking software, especially if you do not want the person to know about the tracking.

In the first case, your device software, whether Android or iOS, gives you the option to track and get all possible details related to the device location. If you want to make it more robust, it is better to have a phone monitor app on your device so that you could get a better display of location-related data.


In the second case, when you want to track someone’s cell phone, you have to take the help of a cell phone spy software service. The challenge is how to track a cell phone location without installing software? Is it possible to track a cell phone location by number? The answer is yes, but you have to get the service of spy apps like NEXSPY.

Your concern regarding the discoverability of phone location tracking is perfectly valid. Nobody loves to track the whereabouts of kids or other family members, but if the situation demands so it’s worth taking the risk as benefits far outweigh the moral cost involved.

Thankfully, modern phone spy apps make it sure that you remain anonymous while tracking phone. Your wards will never know that they are under surveillance. You won’t have to worry about the configuration of the target device as NEXSPY is fully compatible with all the latest mobile devices.

Track a cell location of iOS devices using iCloud

Your favorite Apple iPhone has the “Find My iPhone” feature to help you track someone else’s iPhone without them knowing. Of course, you need to tweak your setting a bit so that you could get access to the locations. Here are the steps you need to follow to activate the Find My Phone feature in iOS:

  1. Head to Settings on your iPhone and tap your Apple ID. Next, tap the iCloud and at the end tap Find My iPhone to activate it.
  2. Once it is activated, you will have access to your phone location in iCloud. You can access your iCloud from any browser.
  3. All you need to do is access your iCloud using your Apple ID login credentials.
  4. You will see the “Find iPhone” button in the second row.
  5. You have to select the target device from the dropdown and start getting the location details. The catch is the device details. If you don’t have device details you won’t be able to track any other device. Here, iPhone spy apps like NEXSPY could be of great help.

Track a cell location using Android Device Manager

Almost 90% of smartphones on earth are running the Android operating system. Thankfully, Google makes a free app to track cell phone location.

Your new Android device usually has ‘Find My Device’ activated by default. If you are using an older version, you just need to download the Android Device Manager from the Google Play Store. Here are the steps you need to follow to activate location tracking:

  1. If your device has an active Google account, you can start tracking locations by simply going to Find My Device in any browser.
  2. Use your Google login credentials to access the dashboard where you will see the location of your cell phone along with other details.
  3. Here you have options to play sound, lock or erase the device.
  4. You have another option of ADM feature available on the internet. This enables you to locate the device using the search engine. Just type “finds my phone” and you will get the desired results about the location and other details.

How to track a cell phone location without them knowing?

Frankly, tracking your own device is pretty easy. But, if you want to track someone else, your kids, family members or employees, you have to get some phone tracker apps without permission like NEXSPY to track the location of the target devices or devices.

Now, you know that you can track iOS and Android device location without installing software by using Find My Device feature of the phone. But this feature has its own set of limitations such as you will only get the location and nothing else.

If you are looking for a more robust location tracking system to have effective monitoring of your kids and employees, you have to get services like NEXSPY that offers you not just comprehensive location tracking but a whole gamut of other supportive features.


Advantages of NEXSPY location tracking tool

  • It is rated as the best free cell phone tracker app for parental control and employee accountability.
  • NEXSPY is compatible with most updated iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • It gives you easy accessibility from any web browser.
  • You can track any mobile device without installing the software.
  • This makes it easy for you to track the location with just the phone number.
  • It gives you the advanced geofencing tool to keep a tab on specific location activity.
  • All the location data are displayed smartly in the well-designed dashboard.
  • You get the real-time location tracking of the target device.
  • All location data is displayed on the map or satellite view for better understanding.
  • Apart from the location marker, you get the date and time of the device locations.
  • Your identity remains anonymous in the whole tracking process.
  • You get to network and Wi-Fi access point details to get a better insight.
  • The location log helps you get a broader picture of daily mobility.
  • You can get keyword-specific alerts to make tracking more effective.
  • Additionally, you get all calling, messaging, social media activity, browsing-related data along with several other advanced features.
  • You have multiple options to choose plans.
NEXSPY dashboard 1

If you need a very effective location tracking service you have to install the Android spy app on the target device. You need to follow these steps if you want to have a very robust location tracking system in place:

  1. Take a step forward and get access to the device. You know it better how to do that.
  2. It takes just a few minutes to buy the NEXSPY plan and install the app on the target device.
  3. Once the installation is done, you are free to do other works. It normally takes a few hours to transfer data from the device to the server and then to your dashboard.
  4. Go to your browser and log in to your NEXSPY account using your credentials.
  5. You will land on the dashboard, and there you have to select the ‘data’ tab on the left side of the menu.
  6. Just click on “Locations” and you have access to all possible location details of the target device.

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Final thought: Track Someone by Cell Phone Number Without Them Knowing

Now you have access to the real-time location of the target data along with the date and time figures. You are in better control of the information of your kids and employees. You need to be a little cautious as this activity isn’t legally permissible in several geographies. You are smart, so use it smartly for the safety of your kids.

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