Spyier Review: Should You Be Using It?


Most of the time, we see spy applications as something that professional agencies use, as well as in various movies. However, this is not the case anymore. As a matter of fact, there are so many different spy tools that are available online – you can use them under various circumstances.

One of the famous forms of spy tools is the smartphone monitoring application. These forms of tools take what a certain target does on their smartphone. And one of the best apps for this is Spyier.

In this article, we will be doing a Spyier review. We are going to dig deeper into the main features of the tool. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Spyier overview: What is this app and how does it work?

Spyier is actually a parental monitoring application that is offered on both iPhone and Android. It allows parents or employers to keep track of their children’s or employees’ smartphone devices. The application claims to monitor call logs, messages, application usage, contacts, and photos, among others.

Furthermore, Spyier has an astounding, user-friendly, and greatly intuitive dashboard that makes it much easier to use. What’s even more interesting is that Spyier doesn’t need rooting or jailbreak before it works effectively. Hence, you aren’t tweaking any smartphone to avoid breaking or making its warranty void.

Once the applications are installed on the phone, it will run in the background and will hide completely. The application will then monitor the target’s smartphone activity and will send reports to your online account, which you may access from any device. The process of installation in Spyier is very simple and will only take a few minutes.


Spyier features

The next thing we discuss in this Spyier review is its prime features. The Android and iOS versions may differ slightly, but there are the main features that both of them include:


This is one of Spyier’s core features that we would like to showcase in this Spyier review. Not so many spy tools offer this feature, and it is something that you can commonly just find in professional software.

Good news, Spyier has an astounding keylogging feature. Whatever the target smartphone user enters or types in their device, the keylogger will store it for you to view.

Text messages & calls

Spyier has the capacity to collect the target’s text messages and even their call information. Perhaps, this is one of the most features for those who use Spyier .

Further, from your dashboard, you might see all the texts that they have sent and have been sent – as well as who they have been texting. Likewise, when looking at the call log, you will be able to see the number the target have been calling.



This is yet another distinctive and beneficial feature of Spyier . After you create ‘geofence’, you will receive notifications when the location of the target is outside a certain area. This feature is particularly great for parents and employers to make sure that their children or employees are near.

Real-time GPS tracking

This is one of the most amazing features of Spyier. Its real-time GPS tracking lets you in seeing exactly where your target is all the time. What’s more, Spyier also records the target’s previous location, as well. Through this, you may see on a map the locations where the target has been all throughout the day.


Screenshot capturing

When the target is using their smartphone, you have the choice to take a screenshot of their device’s display. The screenshot doesn’t alert the user and is directly sent to the dashboard.

System requirements for Spyier

Check out the system requirements for Spyier on different operating systems below:


  • Spyier can be used in monitoring all iOS devices that are running iOS 8.0 or later, including iOS 12.
  • You will need the Apple ID and password of the target iPad or iPhone.
  • Turn off two-factor authentication for Apple ID.
  • Turn on the iCloud Backup in the Settings.
  • The target device should be connected to a Wi-Fi network.


  • Spyier can be used in monitoring all Android OS-running devices, provided they are running in Android 4.0 or later OS version.
  • The target device should have an internet connection.
  • You will need physical access to the device to install the app.
  • Any brand of a smartphone will do, provided it’s running Android version 4.0 or later.

How to use Spyier?

In this section of Spyier review, we will be discussing how to use Spyier in both Android and iOS devices.


First, we will discuss how to use the iPhone spy app. Compared to Android, you do not need to install anything on iOS devices. Instead, you need to know the necessary details of the target’s iCloud account. It is very important that you know the iPhone credentials of the target. If you know the credentials of the target, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Spyier account if you don’t have one yet. Upon signing up, you should purchase the premium subscription.
  2. Once you’re done with registration, you’ll be redirected to Spyier Setup Wizard. The page will request the target’s name, age, and device type.
  3. Once you entered the said details and chose iOS, it will ask you to input the target’s iCloud email and password. Enter and verify sign in.
  4. After the iCloud account is linked with the Spyier account, go to the dashboard page and sign in with your Spyier account. 
  5. You can now browse all the target phone’s data.

Using Spyier in iOS devices can be convenient, as you will not need the phone physically to install the app.



As we said above, installing the spy app on Android phone is different from the iOS devices. Since Spyier is a third-party app and you cannot download the APK from Google Play Store, you will need to do some preparation too. Follow the steps below to learn how to use Spyier on Android.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to get the target device that you wish to monitor. You need to physically have the phone at your hand to install the app.
  2. When you have it already, open Settings and on Security, enable Unknown Sources.
  3. After, go to Spyier and then signup to make an account. You’ll also need to choose and pay for a subscription.
  4. Once you’re done setting up your account and entering the details about the target device, you’ll download the APK to the target device.
  5. Download and install the application. Make sure you grant all the permissions, which the application requests when installing.
  6. Once you’re done with the installation, press Start Monitoring, and then delete the application shortcut to avoid its discovery.
  7. Lastly, on your smartphone or computer, open the dashboard of your Spyier account, sign in, and voila, you can now finally monitor the target’s device activity in full detail.

Apart from having a quite more demanding process of installation, using the android spy app is not different from iOS.

Things to know before you buy (FAQs)

How much does Spyier cost?

The pricing of Spyier may vary. It depends on the type of device you’re going to monitor, as well as the activity that you would like to see. For instance, you want to view a lot of detail about what the target phone is doing; this will cost more than if you just want to see their phone calls and texts.

Are there limits to Spyier?

There is actually no limit to what this application can do. The features that you can get access to will depend on the kind of subscription that you have. The better the subscription, the more features that you are able to use.

Nonetheless, in monitoring tools, generally, there is one limitation. In case the target smartphone’s battery dies or doesn’t have any signal reception, you can’t track or monitor the phone.


Is Spyier worth your money?

Spyier is available for both iOS and Android operating systems. Regardless of what OS the target device is running, Spyier can monitor the device effectively.

So if you are to ask me, is it worth your money? Well, of course, it is, with all of its amazing features and ease of use, there is no doubt, that your money will not be put into waste.

Final say

Overall, Spyier is a greatly astounding piece of monitoring application, in terms of monitoring smartphones. Both tablets and smartphones, regardless of the operating system they are running, Spyier is compatible with it.

Spyier can offer you an irrefutable wide range of monitoring capacities. It is one of the best monitoring tools that you may use in spying on someone’s phone, whatever the situation you are in, and we greatly recommend it.