Top 5 Best Phone Spy Apps for Android and iPhone in 2021


Why Use Spy Apps

Why do you need a cell phone spy app? Well, in most cases, and for most people, a spy app is nothing but fancy stuff that’s typically used for some casual joke or prank.

But if you’re seriously thinking about a phone monitoring tool, then make sure you fall under any of these three categories where using a spy app is ethical and legal.

For parents

If you’re a parent and you are worried about their wellbeing when they are not with you, then you have a valid reason for using a spy app. You have a job to do, your kids have schools to go, friends to meet – so obviously you won’t be able to stay with them 24/7.

There will be times when they will be with their friends or alone, and you wish you knew what they are doing with their phone or PC when you’re not around. Your teenage boy can get hooked on adult websites very easily, your teenage girl may have Tinder installed on her phone, who knows, right?


Worst of all, sexual predators like child molesters and pedophiles don’t roam around with a visible sticker on their forehead, and your kid can be their next target.

So, there’s nothing wrong with being more alert about what your children doing while in school, with their friends, surfing the web, or chatting with someone on the phone. A spy app for parents, in this case, could be a perfect solution indeed.

For employers

If you’re an employer in today’s hostile corporate world, then, of course, you should think about getting the help of some kind of spy app to monitor your staff to make sure they are not getting in touch with your rival companies and disclosing crucial information of the business.

If you think you know your employees well and they are working for you for a long period, and you can’t think of questioning their loyalty, we hope you’re right. But more often than you think, staffs of competitor companies are the primary source of obtaining vital information for unethical businesses.


It’s excellent that you trust them, and you should – but it will be wise if you keep your employees under a 24×7 monitoring system. In such a case, nothing can be better than phone spy software.

Now, which spy app you should choose? Well, it’s not an easy question to answer. While there’s a lot of phone tracking apps without permission available in the market, but selecting the right one based on your specific needs could be tricky.

List of the best phone spy apps

Here in this article, we have handpicked 5 spy tools for you, and they all have hundreds of thousands of subscribers together. So, take anyone based on what your requirement is, and you won’t regret your decision.


NEXSPY is the next generation of spy software to track and monitor various devices. The most formidable feature of NEXSPY is that it’s compatible with almost every mainstream internet-enabled device we use for our communication; it works in Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad, both), PC, and Mac.

NEXSPY’s subscription offer is also unique – while you have to buy a separate license for every device, you can seamlessly transfer your license to another type of device (for instance, from Android to iPhone) without paying any extra cost or buying a separate license.


NEXSPY Highlights

More features than others: NEXSPY offers each and every common feature that you get in any other monitoring software, and many more.

Best compatibility across devices: With NEXSPY, you don’t have to look for different solutions for different devices you want to monitor as it is compatible with virtually every Smartphone, iPad, PC, and Mac.

Affordable: Despite offering more and better features, NEXSPY still costs less than its competitors. You can get a single device license for as little as $19 per month if you buy the annual package.

License transfer facility without extra cost: While you have to buy a new license if you want to change the target device, NEXSPY lets you do that absolutely free, and without any limitation.

Encrypted data: To secure your privacy, NEXSPY encrypts all the spied data inside your account storage. Not many spy app goes to such extent to protect your privacy.

#1 support team in the industry: NEXSPY support team is available 24/7 through multiple channels, like live chat, email, and phone. Even if it’s 2 am at night, you can still contact a support agent if you need any assistance with the app.

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This is the best spy app for iPhone. The app is pretty straightforward and requires no specialized knowledge to install and monitor. Any regular person with minimum smartphone handling ability will be able to use this software and spy on a target phone.



Convenient: Unlike some other monitoring tools, this app is straightforward to use, and most people will have no problem operating this software. As there’s absolutely zero learning curve, you can actually download and start using it right away.

Hidden operation: It works hidden in the background of the phone, so the device owner will have no idea that he or she is being spied on. And that’s how a good spy app should work – being completely invisible.

Advanced functionalities: It can monitor and record calls, messages, chats, location changes, and many more as part of its advanced feature set.

Compatibility: It’s compatible with both Android and iPhones.

Price: This is not a free app, and it costs $29 for the basic version, which will be enough in most cases. If you want all the advanced features, then the premium version is what you need, and that will cost you $39.

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Mobile Tracker Free

It’s a free app, but don’t be fooled by the word “free”! It does many things that only premium spy apps do, so in that sense, it’s a great thing to have. So, what’s the catch you asked?

The catch is you get all the premium features for free but in a limited amount. Like, it will allow you to record calls, but for only 5 calls every day.

It further feeds you some advertisement through your account dashboard, so those are the few caveats you have to bear with. It has a premium version to purchase if you like the free one, with all the limitations lifted.



Call and message log: It logs call history, messages, and lets you listen to live call – up to 5 calls per day.

Live surrounding view: You can remotely activate the phone’s camera and have 5 live viewing sessions per day.

Data storage: It lets you save all the log data up to 3 days. However, you can’t store more than 15 data types every day in the free version.

Price: Nothing can get cheaper than “free,” so it already tops this list in terms of pricing. Having said that, spying is kind of a 24/7 thing, and with such limitations, it doesn’t serve much of that purpose – even if it’s free.

But you can’t say that a con, as you can use this free version for the unlimited time before you decide to buy the premium version.


XNSPY is an interesting monitoring tool for a few solid reasons. First of all, it offers you 48 hours trial period free of cost so that you can be well versed with how it works before you commit. And in these 48 hours, you’ll be able to use all the premium features without any limitations.

Further, it has 3 premium packages starting from only $20, and the top package will cost you only $28. So, it seems that the company is uniquely using the pricing structure to boost the sales number of the top Gold plan.



Location monitoring: You can track a cell phone location remotely to know the exact place of the target device.

Excellent chat support: Their customer service agent was really helpful and helped us by answering a few queries I might not have found on their official website.


This tool is compatible with all smartphones, and it offers mostly regular features than any other spy app offers. But the unique selling point of this app is that it provides a free location tracking option, and you can use that feature without buying the app.

That means if you don’t need any other functions, then you can keep using the location monitoring option as long as you want.

Wrapping it up

While we have mentioned free spy apps along with the paid ones, we don’t suggest you go for the free software if you need the best possible solution for your purpose.

Although free android spy apps can be useful for various casual and occasional needs, for everything else, just go for the premium ones. And the best premium app is NEXSPY, hands down.