The Best Parental Control Apps of 2021

The internet today, no matter how informative and productive it may be is still laden with a varied range of dangerous and adult contents. The contents not only show-casing openly explicit materials but also ingredients from the dark web which you might never want your child to get exposed to. These web materials tend to pop-up like advertisements out of nowhere, and they also can openly share, watched and accessed. They are altogether banned in most of the countries. However, it would not be difficult for anyone to find them if searched with a little interest and persistence.


A growing adolescent is a curious fellow; they want to know the world with their own eyes and understand it with their perception. An experienced child therapist and councillor will suggest sufficing their curiosity with open communication about every infinitesimal and minuscule detail, about all the topics which are necessary and healthy to discuss. Despite taking such great precautions, a child will get influenced once in a while browsing through the internet, in search of something more and will accidentally fall into the underbelly and dark end of the web world. To save your child from the following dark world, it is your utmost responsibility as parents to take necessary precautions. Following are some best parental control app for Android, rated the best by the critics and parents all around the globe will help you out to secure your child’s electronic gadgets and computers so that it is easy to keep a check on their browsing history.

Top 4 parental control apps in 2021


One of the most notable and trusted brands of parental control in the western world, Qustodio is one of the most approved brands in the world of security and parental locks. It is not only designed to be used in smaller and more domestic purposes but also on a larger scale. This software has varied strict security guidelines and facilities, which ensures a total 360degrees safety to the usage of the internet. Following are some of the major facilities provisioned by Qustodio:


Pornography block

When we talked about explicit content, it primarily meant pornography. The sites of pornography are harmful to both the child and the entire software of the device. It corrupts both mind and device alike, Qustodio not only blocks pornography but also stops it from re-emerging again.

Social-media activity

This parental protection software is specially designed for viewing and monitoring the activities on social networking sites. Their presence omits spam on basic social media platforms around the internet.

Screen time balance

Overusing the internet and sitting across facing the phone screen all the time has become a topic of nuisance in the lives of the parents. Qustodio provides with the facility of limited screen-time, ensuring limited and calculated use of the internet on android mobile phones.

Games control

Just like the screen timing, it is also necessary to keep a check on the duration of the game your child is allowed to play. The parent control will enable your child to keep under complete surveillance of the software and play online games till the time you want them to play.  

Location tracking 

One of the most efficient and useful features in parental control services. It not only works within the domestic arena but also in platforms like an educational and business institution. If in trouble, the user also has the option to click on the panic button and their location tracking will be put into automation by the software itself. The smart feature makes Qustodio one step ahead than any other parental lock. Making it the best parental app control for Android.

The application is cheap in prices as compared to the wide range of features it is laden with followed by the services of easy installation.


NEXSPY is another high-quality monitoring software for the Android cell phones, tablets and computers alike. It provides full access to parents to monitor location, duration of net usage, text messages, check browser history and reduce spam in major social media platform. It can not only be used for parental control but also in the office for employee monitoring. Proving the best and most efficient software monitoring solutions around the internet, making it one of the best parental control apps for Android. Some of its most attractive features are:


Call and text control

The software control of NEXSPY enables the parents to receive full access to the call logs, an address book as well as face time of the child. Entire access to the text messages of WhatsApp, Messenger, Tinder, email and Hangout are provisioned to the parents.

Location tracking

The location tracker present inside the software of your child’s Android will provide an accurate location of the Android phone user to their parent application. There is also an added facility of keeping a detailed track of location history as well as geo facing.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

Internet activity check

A detailed check and monitoring in the activities of the internet are enabled through the browsing history of the pupil. Monitor your child’s site interest by viewing their bookmarked sites and also their timely browsing history.

The features can also be easily updated and are difficult to hack and breach through this is why it is voted as the best parental app control for Android.


When you browse the Google search for the best parental control application to protect your child’s Android phone from harmful web contents, it is one of the best solutions to keep your family and kids safe from the dark web present out there on the internet. The software enables its owner to monitor the digital habits followed by limiting and managing the screen time and protecting the real-time browsing of your child. It gives online searches an instant reporting followed by providing real-time alerts to porn, drug and weapon-related content found online.


NetNanny protects your kids from:


Blocking all kinds of mainstream pornographic content from the web browser is one of the top-most efficient features of NetNanny. 

Internet browsing

Refraining from unnecessary browsing through the internet saves the time of your child to resort to something productive.

App block

Many applications which are adult and x rated can be blocked with the use of NetNanny protection software. It also provides with instant alerts if the protection is given a trial to breach. 

Screen timer

Manage the screen time of your child with the help of the best screen timer block facility. It reduces the chances of your child to get exposed to inappropriate things online. Also, it keeps a close monitor of your child’s duration of internet usage.

It is easy-to-use software which ensures the safety and security of your child internet experience and keeps them away from inappropriate content and spamming and other such dangerous encounters from a very young age.


Software made to control and protect the whole family’s internet usage activities and habits; it ensures to keep way adult and vulgar contents from the internet and rather is useful to enlighten the child user with numerous amounts of learnable materials. It enables protection from bad influences like cyber-bullying, online spamming, stalking, web-browsing and control of application and gaming usage. The FamiSafe also provide free demo to their potential customers if in case you might be interested in purchasing one of the best parental control apps for Android.


FamiSafe protection features include:

Text alerts

When your child is on the social media platform he/she is prone to cyberbullying and mysterious texts. Get them in your phones as well as right away as the instant alert to protect your child through cyberbullying. Apart from bullying inappropriate content, harassment and creepy stalkers text alerts will ensure your child’s safety in your hands. 

Real-time online location

The real-time GPS location of your kind will be only a click away. It will be easier to know the whereabouts of your child and their location history. The true story will forever be in front of your phone screen. Along with proving real-time location to your cell phone it also provides a panic button for your child in case of SOS.

App blocker 

You are entitled to block the application used during the study and sleep hours. Apart from that know where the interest of your children lies by viewing their bookmarked websites and application and web browsing history.

The flexible and customised setting

It is easy to do customise the entire setup with-in your cell phone one the parental protection is installed. It is super easy to use and can be worked out efficiently.

Being a parent might be or is difficult, especially when you are parenting a set of adolescent children. These best parental control app for Android tends to make the job easy for the parents. It efficiently keeps the children safe and secured and away from inappropriate contents.