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What is mSpy?

mSpy is a phone monitoring app that assists in tracking what your target is doing on its phone. You can set up on your child’s or an employee’s phone to monitor their moves, see what texts they send, and verify the numbers they call and receive calls and texts, among other things.

Of course, this advantage allows you to learn more about what the other individual is doing and dissuade them from participating in undesirable behavior. You may think it is the best parental control app. It helps get kids to stop visiting websites they shouldn’t be seeing or determine who they’re talking to on their phones.

mSpy assists businesses in tracking and accounting for their employees’ whereabouts and activities, increasing productivity and reducing wasted time and money.

If your business has to suffer from poor employee performance, or if you suspect your child is doing something risky or wrong, trying to install a phone monitoring app like this on their mobiles may be the best option. It is a fantastic resource for both parents and employers.

Just remember that unless the targeted phone relates to your child under 18, you must notify the individual that you will install the app. If they are not your child and are 18 years of age or older, you cannot supervise them without their permission.

Pros and Cons of mSpy

What We Like

  • Ease of Use
  • No need to root or jailbreak
  • Great customer support

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive
  • Needs rooting or jailbreaking for Premium features

mSpy provides options for simplifying device monitoring. While they are fewer monitoring options, the simple mSpy installation makes it far less intimidating for those looking for a quick and straightforward management solution.

You can utilize mSpy as an Android spy app without rooting your phone. If your targeted phone is an iPhone, jailbreaking is not required. You will have to provide the targeted’s phone account credentials, and you’ll be able to use this great iPhone spy app.

mSpy reviews praise the company’s 24-hour customer service. It is well-known for providing customer service in eight different languages. It offers professional operation with free mSpy Assistance. Not only that, but conversation support agents are helpful and friendly, engaging with you for as long as needed to resolve your issue. You can connect with technical support via email at or by uploading a reservation.

While the Fundamental Plan feature bundle is extensive, the Premium Plan feature bundle is significantly more expensive (more than twice the cost of the Basic Plan). While the addition of third-party monitoring to social media and email apps is a logical omission, the Fundamental Program should also include features such as geolocation and filtering web applications.

Although using mSpy as a phone monitoring app does not demand rooting your Android phone or jailbreaking your iPhone if you would prefer to enjoy its advanced features, you’re in for a surprise. You must proceed to rooting or jailbreaking the aimed device.

mSpy Features

This parental control app is jam-packed with features. I love what it can do, and I believe you will as well. Now, as I previously stated, I have investigated numerous other monitoring tools in my search for the best Android spy app and iPhone spy app. I understand what it takes to create a good espionage app, and mSpy has it all.

This app includes the following features:

  • Quick installation (about 5 minutes)
  • Message monitoring
  • Call logs (incoming and outgoing)
  • 24-hour customer service (in multiple languages)
  • No rooting or jailbreaking
  • Automatically saves information securely for later viewing
  • Tracks GPS location
  • Tracks travel routes
  • Saves deleted messages
  • Displays social media activity (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.)

You receive all of this when signing up for the monthly plan, and you can enjoy updates as they happen, keeping you on the cutting edge of the spy phone app technology. Because mSpy is one of the most famous teen monitoring apps, it receives much attention and is regularly updated to ensure it remains undetectable and effective.

How to Setup mSpy

Methods vary depending on the device. This mSpy review will go over all of them with you.

For iPhone and iPad users

Jailbroken iOS Devices

The “Full Pack” is the jailbreak version of mSpy for iPhones and iOS devices.

You must jailbreak the device to install mSpy.

Check this interoperability table to ensure that you can jailbreak your device. Many of the relatively new iPhones do not yet have a jailbreak. If this is the situation with your targeted system, you’ll use the software’s “No-Jailbreak” version.

Go to Settings -> General -> About -> version on the target device to check the iOS version.

After successfully jailbreaking the phone, go to your control center dashboard and select “iPhone” to continue the setup. The entire process of, the phone, and placing the software should take about 30 minutes.

There is no jailbreak.

If the device you want to track is an iPhone and you do not wish to process jailbreak it manually, you must use the attempting to capture Jailbreak version. You will need the user’s iCloud credentials to proceed with the update.

To continue, sign in to one’s Control Panel. Choose the configuration option best suited to your equipment. Then, step by step, follow the instructions.

Ascertain that the backup is accessible on the targeted iPhone. Back up data to the cloud once per day, but they must be connected to Wi-Fi, plugged in, and managed to secure.

To ensure that backups are enabled, go to the phone’s Configuration menu and ensure that “iCloud Backup” is set to “On.” Then select “Backup” and press the Save Now button.

mSpy on Android Devices

You must have physical access to a phone to install it on an Android device. Select “Android” from your control panel. Then follow the installation guide step by step.

The core configuration of the mSpy app on android does not necessitate rooting, but the enhanced feature of monitoring specific apps will require it.

Once you’ve finished installing mSpy, the tracker will participate actively in the phone right away. From now on, you can monitor all activity through your control panel.

mspy control panel

How to use the mSpy phone monitoring app?

The best parental control app is supposed to be simple to use. Many parents will not want to learn complex technical functions and lengthy, involved setup procedures.

After installing the application on the targeted phone, log in to the mSpy webpage to see what calls are indeed being received on the phone. This powerful phone tracker app has a plethora of features.

It can show you which attempts to call are coming in and coming out of the phone. If the phone number is stored, you can see the actual mobile number and contact information. You will receive all of the call information stored on the targeted device.

It is handy if you want to track whom your children speak to and whether your staff members use their work phones for business or personal calls.

The capacity to tag connections and phone numbers is one of the best features of this phone number tracker. If you are suspicious of someone on your child’s contact list, or if you have advised your child not to phone or answer calls from that person, you can label that human on the mSpy website.

You will get notified if they make a call or if your child calls or texts them at that number. It’s an excellent way to monitor who your children are communicating with and if they are using their phones safely and responsibly. mSpy is amongst the best teen monitoring apps.

Best prices

Get a 14-day money-back guarantee

mSpy Customer Support

When it is about customer assistance, this mobile phone monitoring software is identical with quality and choice. It’s available 24/7 and in several languages. Here are your alternatives:

  • Self-Service: mSpy provides “Blog,” “FAQ,” and “Help” as knowledge bases.
  • Live Help: When you press the floating Chat icon on the website, you can talk with a live mSpy representative. When you see a Help button instead, search for it and click Live Chat.
  • Email Customer Service: If you don’t have time to speak with a mSpy representative, you could send an email. You can statement the corporation via a third-party email system in addition to submitting a support request through mSpy’s dashboard or website.
  • The Internet of Things: You can follow and interact with the company on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Phone Support: mSpy provides a variety of phone support options.

mSpy Plans and Pricing

mSpy is primarily available in two plans: Premium and Basic. There are multiple billing options available (quarterly, monthly, annual, and semiannual), yet you will not be able to select any of them as a non-subscriber.

mspy prices

You may only have access to the Monthly Premium, Monthly basic, Annual Premium, and Quarterly premium packages. The remaining billing options will be available only after you complete your purchase.

Even so, not all payment options are readily available for both plans. We can access the annual and Basic quarterly memberships when you press Purchase New Package upon that cloud mSpy dashboard. However, if you go to Billing and tap the three vertical dots button at the top right-hand corner, the biannual option will appear.

We don’t comprehend why the company decided not to advertise each mSpy price openly. It’s almost like it wants to keep offering the billing choices on paper but doesn’t want customers to choose any of them.

  • Basic: All features except tracking messaging apps, website blocking, geofencing, Wi-Fi network monitoring, app blocking, screen recording, as well as mSpy keylogger are included in this plan. Only one device is allowed, but device changes are unlimited.
  • Premium: Offers all the features but is limited to one device and allows unlimited device changes.
  • Family Kit: All features, up to three intended phones, and infinite device changes are included.

Add-on Assistance Package

mSpy Assistance for $53.99 and Support Priority Line ($12.99) are the two add-ons available from mSpy. Each of them has a one-time mSpy fee. Once bought, either add-on is perpetually available. Although if you withdraw your mSpy subscription and re-enroll in the future, you will not be charged a fee for using mSpy Assistance and Support Priority Line.

In payment terms, mSpy acknowledges any credit or debit card bearing the Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or JCB logo, as well as Google Play.

Auto-renewal is installed by default to prevent service interruption when your monthly fee expires, regardless of the plan you choose. However, you can disable this alternative and manually renew your package.

Per transaction, you can purchase up to eight mSpy licenses. If you want to purchase more, you must contact the company’s sales team.

Best prices

Get a 14-day money-back guarantee

mSpy Free Trial and Refund Policy

Trial Offers

The monthly fee to the mSpy Service will begin with a free trial in which you can attempt out the Provider for 7 (seven) days after the date you place your order (from now on referred to as the “Free Trial”).

To install the order and sign up for the Free Trial, you must enter your billing information.

If you do not turn off auto-renewal in your control panel/account, you will need to pay for the selected package and the next subscription plan when the Free Trial expires.

You have the right to delete your Service use at any moment during the Free Trial.

If you cancel, you will instantly lose access to the Network and any information and data stored in your account.

If you buy a subscription plan, any unused portion of the Free Test period will be forfeited.

mSpy reserves the right, at any time, to modify, cancel, or limit the Free Trial without notice.

Trial Compatibility Requirement

  • Android: Your target device must be running Android 4 or higher to use the trial version of mSpy.
  • Using a jailbreak: Your target device must be running iOS 7 – 8.4; 9.0-9.1 to use the trial version of mSpy.
  • Without the need for a jailbreak, the application is compatible with all iPhone models.

Returns and Refunds

  • Please read the Return Policy (cooling-off period). If you are dissatisfied with mSpy software for any reason, you can get your money back.
  • Your eligibility for a refund may be determined by the subscription plan, Product package, time since the transaction, and other factors.

mSpy Review – Final Verdict

mSpy is a good phone monitoring app. It isn’t the most discreet battery consumption, nor is it the most remarkable in terms of its comparatively few advanced features. However, it is capable of protecting your kid from online dangers.

At the risk of stating the usual mSpy review viewpoint, the company has excellent customer service. Its deluxe expert custom install and setup assistance saves a significant amount of time.

It also serves to protect not only your child but also your data – it’s all encrypted.

We wish mSpy would make all of its payment options clear from the start, but it’s understandable. After all, the corporation doesn’t make you sign up for various plans to switch mobile platforms.

If you’ve never used an Android spy app or an iPhone spy app, mSpy will not let you down.


Is mSpy effective?

Yes, mSpy keeps its promises. However, the functionalities available to you are determined by the operating system of your device. Furthermore, without rooting or jailbreaking, some additional features are unavailable. To get the most out of the application, you should complete all of the installation and configuration requirements for mSpy.

Is mSpy a scam?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions in mSpy reviews. Customers are concerned about whether they are purchasing a technically and legally sound app.

The explanation of legality or whether the software is legal to use is a little more complicated. In the right circumstances, monitoring applications like these are entirely legal.

You must own the mobile you are aiming for, so if you bought a work phone or a children’s phone (or the kids living with you under the age of 18), you own the phone. It is true even if another person is using the phone.

How does mSpy on iPhone work?

Jailbreaking the phone is required to access all functionalities, but you’ll still be allowed to see a few stuff like call logs and GPS location even if you don’t jailbreak it, as long as you own an iOS device with at least iOS 7 installed.

Is mSpy completely imperceptible?

They will have access to a large number of your private details. They will be able to easily monitor and track your task on a continuing process as long as the application stays undetected – and this is unlikely given that one can hide this app from you.

Is mSpy a good investment?

mSpy is a great spy app. However, it’s not the only one on the market. You can find parental control applications with more affordable plans, comparable features, wider device compatibility, and more extensive support for concurrent connections.

Please read the entire article to discover why there is so much positive feedback and how it compares to other mobile phone monitoring systems.

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