How Can I Monitor My Child’s iPhone Text Messages?

Monitor iPhone text messages

We live in a modern era in which everything moves at a breakneck speed. Mobile phones and tablets allow us to engage in a variety of activities. You will rarely find somebody without a cell phone or tablet if you look around. Even children increasingly have access to smart devices.

Allowing your child to explore the digital world is a fantastic idea. However, it would aid if you kept an eye on your children’s mobile gadgets as a precaution. Child supervision is essential to ensure that children use mobile devices securely.

Social media has made it much easier to connect people all around the world. Take communication, for example. Today, there are many methods to communicate with someone who lives in your neighborhood or is hundreds of miles away. Anyone can reach out to your children online and befriend them in an instant.

Why is it so important to keep an eye on your children?

Every parent needs their children to be healthy, happy, and active. Unfortunately, children are subjected to bullying and harassment at some point in their lives, particularly throughout adolescence.

Regardless of how hard you try to earn your children’s trust, there’s a chance they’ll keep secrets from you. Certain things are kept hidden from children’s parents because they are embarrassed or guilty about it.

If you believe your child is reluctant to share information with you, it’s time to begin digital monitoring. Here are several of the reasons why parents must keep an eye on their children.

  • Cyberbullying
  • Sexual Predators
  • Excessive Internet Use
  • Poor Social Circle
  • Privacy Issues

The risks listed above have hurt the brains of children on broadway. Let’s go deeper and learn more about these threats so that parents can better protect their children.

Is it possible to utilize an iPhone to track a child’s text messages?

Everything is now digital, as previously stated, and there are a variety of techniques to monitor your child’s phone activity without their knowledge. You can monitor text messages and access apps via software and applications in addition to manually monitoring their devices. Consider this a precautionary measure, at least until they reach a certain age. Teen phone monitoring can make the difference!

You can now see reports of sexting, drugs, and pornographic content having an impact on your child’s mental health. You do, however, want them to be able to contact you via a cell phone if necessary. At the very least, please take the appropriate precautions to monitor their texts whenever you are.

How can I monitor my child’s iPhone text messages for free?

There are two main methods for receiving your child’s iPhone messages to give you an idea. The first is through the use of an iCloud, and the second is through text message forwarding. These two are effective, depending on your preference.

Use iCloud

Using Apple’s cloud message sync feature is one way to keep track of your child’s texts. If the device has iOS 12 or above, you may activate iCloud syncing and access all of your data from another device. You can quickly read messages from your child’s phone if message synching is enabled.

  • The only shortcoming is that you’ll need to know your child’s Apple ID and password to use this method. Your communications may also get synced to their mobile device if you input yours.
  • Go to the Settings menu. To go to iCloud and Apple ID, tap on the device’s name.
  • Move the slider under Messages under iCloud.
  • Allow for the sync to finish.
  • Again, only if you know your child’s Apple ID and password can you do this. Otherwise, please don’t use your own Apple ID because your youngster may discover your iPhone monitoring.

Use Text Message Forwarding

You can see every message your youngster sends and receives using this approach. To gain access to your child’s iPhone, you only need to dig through your settings. Take the following steps:

  • Tap Messages in the Settings menu.
  • Go to Send & Receive after that. You’ll get directed to a page with a list of the phone numbers you have access to.
  • Use your Apple ID for iMessage is selected. For iMessage, a window will appear requesting you to use your regular Apple ID email.
  • Choose a different Apple ID from the drop-down menu. You’ll now use your child’s Apple ID and password to log in.
  • Return to the Settings page. Then select Messages.
  • Turn on the Text Message Forwarding option.
  • Following these procedures, you can choose the device to which these messages should get forwarded. It is where all of your child’s text messages will get saved. To validate your device, you’ll see a verification code, which you must enter.

How can you access your child’s text messages on your iPhone using a phone monitor app?

mSpy – iPhone Monitoring App

mSpy is maybe the best app for parent to monitor kids’ phone on the market, and it has a lot to give in terms of parental control and social media monitoring. mSpy monitoring software allows parents to see what their children are doing on their phones and computers in real-time. We will analyze mSpy software in the following post to help you make the best decision and conclude if it is the correct fit for your needs.

mSpy monitoring software is a smartphone surveillance tool that you can install on your child’s device and use to track their phone calls, social media posts, text messages, and movements, among other things. When the app is installed on the target phone, it operates in the background invisibly. The software then monitors the child’s phone activities and provides you updates that you can access from any computer using your mSpy login account.

mSpy was first released in 2010, making it one of the market’s early adopters. Since then, it has evolved into one of the most well-known security surveillance technologies globally. It works on both non-jailbroken and jailbroken iOS and Android devices, and it may genuinely assist parents in keeping track of their children’s internet activities. It can also monitor iMessage. As we’ll see in the article below, the installation process is pretty simple.

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Benefits of mSpy

You can track your children anytime and from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. When you activate a phone monitoring app, you will often get directed to a centralized location to access all information using the best phone tracker apps. Parents can track practically all phone activity, including calls, texts, emails, and popular social media and messaging apps like Whatsapp and Facebook. More on that in the segment below on activity tracking. The default keyboard is substituted by the mSpy keyboard, which uses the keylogging capability to log all keystrokes. It is excellent for tracking the use of specific keywords or keeping track of website usernames and passwords.

What can parents do with mSpy?

  • Factory resetting the target device’s data if it is lost or stolen.
  • Unlinking mSpy from the target device.
  • You can start mSpy if it vanished panel by texting “777” to the target device. This text will get hidden from the user.
  • You can remotely clear all call logs from your control panel. * You can store logs by exporting them to your dashboard. PDF, XLS, and CSV are all supported formats.
  • Without physical access to the aimed device, you can restart or lock it.

NEXSPY – Phone Monitoring App

NEXSPY is one of the market’s most distinctive goods. This software allows you to track someone’s whereabouts through SMS text messages. They use the world’s most popular phone monitoring app to protect what matters most to you, whether it’s your family or your business.

NEXSPY is available for download as a free 3-day trial version. NEXSPY is a practical and straightforward way to keep track of your whereabouts and activity by downloading and installing it on your iPhone or Android smartphone. You can stay on top of things no matter where you are if you have complete control of your phone.

NEXSPY is without a doubt the most comprehensive surveillance tool currently available on the market, thanks to its more than 40 ground-breaking capabilities. There is nothing you won’t be able to find out about when you use NEXSPY.

It enables you to monitor text messages on android, monitor iMessage, monitor kids’ iPhones, and GPS tracking. It also consists of the Facebook surveillance app, WhatsApp, images, emails, and other items.

Several aspects are pretty appealing. Instagram spy app, Tinder spy app, and other unique features are among the many included in this package. On their website, you will find just what you are looking for.

  • Reliable and safe: All data is encrypted, and you are the only one who has access to it. They do so because your privacy is essential to them.
  • Exceptional support: Our knowledgeable support staff is always there to help you with anything. They guarantee complete client satisfaction 100 percent of the time.

NEXSPY’s benefits include the ability to sign up for keyword alerts. If your child types, sends, or gets an inappropriate message on their smartphone, you’ll get warned immediately. Take a look at the audio and video files. You may even set up restricted zones and receive alerts. There is a complete stealth mode available.

Tracking Text Messages with NEXSPY

You may track the text messages that the target phone sends and receives. The NEXSPY application lets you view someone’s text messages, multimedia messages, and emails on the target device.

To access your account Cloud Portal, use the login credentials provided in the email. Then, from the drop-down menu, choose Help > Reference Manuals > Installation & Activation. Follow the on-screen steps to download and install the app on the target iPhone. You must first jailbreak your iPhone before installing the best parental control app on it.

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Bark – Parental Control Monitoring App for iPhone

If you’re new to the realm of parental control app, the name Bark might lead you to believe it’s about keeping an eye on your pet. That’s not entirely accurate; in fact, it’s designed to keep track of something at least as important, if not more so: your children’s safety and well-being.

Bark app is a text messaging, YouTube, email, and over two dozen social networks monitoring, filtering, and blocking tool and computer software meant to monitor, block and filter text messaging, YouTube, and email.

It gives mothers and fathers the tools they need to keep a tight grip on what their children do online and with whom they engage. It includes the skills to raise red flags on time for parents to keep their children safe for parents who desire to build their children’s independence.


Comprehensive monitoring of almost all online activity on smartphones and tablets, including email, texts, and most apps.

An affordably priced app that runs on a variety of operating systems and platforms. A reasonable subscription plan that does not increase in price as the number of children or devices increases.


Unlike similar apps, there is no direct filtering or parental control restrictions. iOS devices are more challenging to set up and administer than Android-based smartphones. While it is cheap, some families may find it to be a significant expenditure.

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FamiSafe – Parental Control App

FamiSafe is a popular parental control software that doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking. It can assist you in protecting your children from harmful online stuff. Even seemingly innocent websites might include harmful content, sell browsing data to advertisers, or steal personal data. Bullies and cyber predators abound on the internet.

FamiSafe is an excellent parenting tool, but how good is it? The following is a list of its features:

Report on Activities

The Activity Report dashboard allows you to keep track of your child’s online activity daily. You can see your surfing history and app usage in chronological order.

It also gives you insight into what your youngster searches for on the internet. Knowing the answers to these questions can help you learn more about your child’s passions and struggles.

FamiSafe’s App Blocker allows you to control your child’s app usage. This function might help you approve appropriate software because apps are sorted by age. Alternatively, you can hide unsuitable apps on your child’s device by blocking them.

You can restrict apps for a set length of time if you want. It can be a fantastic approach to keep yourself focused on your studies while encouraging good online habits.

FamiSafe Screen Time A graph depicting your child’s gadget usage is provided by Screen Time. Using previous data, you can determine how much time your child spends on the internet per day, week, and month.

You may learn about their preferred apps and when the time of day they are most likely to be addicted to their devices.

Smart Time Management

According to the World Health Organization, children aged 2–4 should not use digital devices for more than one hour each day. Kids between 5 and 18 years old should not spend more than two hours in front of a machine. Obesity, sleep deprivation, low productivity, depression, and social anxiety are all risks associated with exceeding these limits.

FamiSafe Smart Schedule allows you to establish screen time limits and disable your child’s device remotely as needed. You can compel your child to look away from the screen and spend more time doing something else this way. During the restricted time, you can allow specific apps.

Qustodio – Parental control software

Qustodio is a top parental control solution on the market. Qustodio is truly cross-platform, so unless you run some weird operating system we’ve never heard of, you and your children are covered. Parents may create precise rules and settings for each device from one robust dashboard, and the regular package covers five devices. In terms of child screen control, Qustodio excels at time management and web filtering. Parents can effectively manage screen time with detailed reporting, and location monitoring provides peace of mind because the mobile app broadcasts your child’s location straight to the dashboard.

There are a few issues with Qustodio, but those issues are inherent when utilizing a multi-device solution. Only internet-connected apps are monitored, but all apps are subject to your selected time management settings. Facebook monitoring is likewise limited, and conversation monitoring is only available on Android. These restrictions will affect almost any product, not only Qustodio.

Keep track of your activities

Qustodio maintains track of all the websites you visit, as well as your social media activity, chat sessions, and internet searches. The program, however, will not be able to read emails that your child receives or writes. Still, it does have some sophisticated algorithms that can assist you in detecting whether your child is being cyberbullied or sexually harassed.

Social Surveillance

Facebook is the only platform that can get monitored. Parents can see all timeline activity from the dashboard, including images, timeline posts, and comments, but they cannot see private messages or a list of their child’s friends.

Your child must approve the Qustodio plug-in to set up Facebook monitoring; the request will automatically be issued after enabling Facebook tracking from the dashboard. It is a one-time event; once permission is granted, Qustodio will run on Facebook invisibly.

YouTube is being watched

You’ll be able to monitor YouTube activities on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows with Qustodio parental control. Depending on your subscription, you will be able to perform different things. You can view your child’s searches, as well as the videos they’ve seen. You can also configure restrictions and block YouTube based on your preferences. This function, however, is only available to premium subscribers.

YouTube monitoring is enabled by default if you have the latest version of the Qustodio app.

Monitoring of Communication

Android devices provide SMS and call logging and monitoring. While there is no iPhone solution, this impacts all parental control applications solely due to Apple. Some programs watch your child’s keystrokes to construct their SMS dialogue and “bug” the phone to record phone calls, but these are serious espionage tools that are outside the realm of the majority of parents’ worries.