Best iPhone Spy Apps – iPhone Spy App No Jailbreak

It is tough to be a caring parent in this era of the digital boom. Your endorsement of this point of view is valid, but you need to accept the fact that it is just a phase of transition. You are not happy with the extra dose of freedom of expression your kids, that’s perfectly fine, just look back and try to recall your days of defying boundaries.

You are caring, cautious, but the fact of life in this contemporary world is that hawks are waiting for easy prey, and you don’t want that prey to be your little innocent kid. You simply cannot compromise with the basic online security of your kids; you need to have control over the information flow of your lovely kids.


Friend of yours’ told you about spy on someone’s phone using a spy app? He is right, stay assured, it is possible and your kid won’t ever know that he is under the surveillance of the highest level. Spying? A bad word in idealistic parlance. But there is no other way.

You have to monitor the activities of your kids so that they could remain safe from the cyber hawks. You simply cannot sacrifice the life of your kid for the idealism of privacy and freedom. Take a step forward and get the help of the iPhone spy app to track the activity of your kid so that you could take preventive measures in time.

What is an iPhone spy app?

The technological advancement has made it possible to track any device remotely without any access to the device. Yes, it is possible to spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password using a spy app. Surprised? The rule is simple; every path has its return path. This technology works on the return path mechanism.


Let’s get back to the primary question of what is an iPhone spy app? How the spy app works and what are the features of them? First thing first, it is a simple software that makes it possible to access the target device and capture all possible data in real-time.

Whether it is a call book, messages, chats, browsing history or location data you get access to all kinds of information so that you could take preemptive actions. Technically speaking, you are the master controller of the target iPhone and you could do whatever you want with the available data.

What you get from iPhone spy apps

Frankly, you are the virtual master of the target device and you can do anything you wish. Every possible data points are relayed on the dashboard of your software interface.

And you could build a robust system to track someone Else’s iPhone activity of device users in real-time. Imagine anything related to mobile, and this spy software makes it possible for you to have access to those data points.

It is not about how to spy on another iPhone, but how effective the spy tool is? These are some of the features you will get in most of the popular spy software:

Text Message Monitoring

Almost all iPhone spy apps give you the feature to track iMessage. This makes it possible for you to read all the inbound and outgoing text messages in real-time. You can get details of the sender and receivers.

This feature makes it possible for you to read even protected and deleted messages. That’s not all, this helps you get access to all instant messaging applications including Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. The best part is your target device user won’t be able to ever know that the device is under tracking.


Phone Call Tracking

The advanced feature of spy app software has been designed to help you track all call-related details of the target iPhone.

It makes sure that you get access to the call logs of the devices along with the address book so that you could get control over the call related information. Interestingly, the spy app makes it possible to record all conversations and show it on the dashboard.

Multimedia Monitoring

Although it is common to all spy software, the iPhone spy app makes sure that you get remote access to the media file of the target device without leaving a trace of jailbreak.

This feature of spy tools helps you see photos, videos, and other files saved in the device. In simple words, you have the master key of the device and you could access the target device anytime to get the desired information.

Browsing Activity Tracking

This is the most sought after feature among the phone tracker apps without permission, as they want to track the online activity of their kids and employees.

Spy apps make it sure that you get all possible browser-related data of the target device in real-time. It is not just about the browsing history, but the time spent on a particular destination that makes all the difference.

Location Tracker

Another most sought after feature in the iPhone spy app is a real-time location feature. Most parents want to have information regarding the mobility of their kids so that they could know about their whereabouts.

Spy apps make it sure that you get the GPS enabled real-time data along with the geofencing alerts. This app provides your location, history, and option to set alerts so that you could take precautionary measures.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

Social Media Monitoring

This is the big challenge in this era of social media hyper activism. Spy apps make it sure that you get all possible details of the social media activity of your kids and employees.

In simple words, all possible apps installed on the target device get captured in real-time. You get access to messaging sharing and multimedia files of the social networking sites.

Email Tracking

Spy apps make it sure that you get all possible information related to emailing activity from the device. If you are in business and want to protect your data, these features make you sit sure that nothing goes unnoticed. You get access to all the attachments making it easy for you to build a full-proof system.


It is a kind of deep dive into the device user behavior. This feature makes sure that you get all possible data related to the keyboard activity. You get all possible key log data shared on the dashboard.

5 Best iPhone Spy Apps


NEXSPY is best in the league of the iPhone spy app. The dynamism in updating the software according to the device mechanism sets it apart from the competitors. It is compatible with the latest iOS 12.4.1.

However, you need to have access to the iPhone or iPad to install NEXSPY on it. You have to jailbreak the iPhone first to install the software to work effectively. Jailbreak is a simple process, which you could easily find on the internet.


Phone spy experts are of opinion that properly installed software gives far better monitoring results as compared to those that remotely install the software as they don’t get access to all possible features of the phone. They hide this limitation in the pricing structure by offering heavy discounts.

Once the software is installed, your dashboard will start showing the data capture in real-time. You can access this dashboard from any device. If you count features and quality of data it captures, NEXSPY is most competitive in the iPhone Spy segment.

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This one is the premium in the iPhone spy segment. Known for its effectiveness and quick updates, this app offers you 30+ monitoring features at a very reasonable cost. The seamless installation and UI makes it one of the most favorite apps in this segment.


XNSPY app is best suited for the latest iOS 12.4.1 version. You have a basic and a premium subscription option with feature limitations. It offers a remote installation support service with all possible tracking features.

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In the cell phone spy category, FlexiSPY is one of the best for iPhone spy with numerous features. Depending on your package, you can get a bundle of phone tracking features.


On compatibility parameters, it lags a little behind the XNSPY as it supports up to 11.4.1 iOS only. You have to physically access the iPhone to install the spy software. It is a bit expensive compared to other players.


It is the most recommended spy application. The mSpy has all the features you may require to track the activity of the target device. It has a very robust remote control feature to control the target device.


The PC and Mac OS monitoring capability give mSpy and edge over other players. The mSpy is compatible with the latest iOS version, mSpy is the best spy app for iphone without jailbreaking. You have two subscription options with feature limits.

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It is compatible with the latest iPhone 11 series. With all possible spying features, Spyier is another good player in the space. You can access the app from anywhere, but you have to sync it with iCloud.


However, users complain about the lag effect in data capturing. Although, it is very competitive in terms of prices but lags in terms of quality. Jailbreak is a complicated process, as there is no support service.


There are several other players in the market and some of them offer even free installation and tracking. But careful of these free apps, as they have their revenue model of monetizing your data through different channels.

You want to ensure the safety of your kids, so it is not about saving those few dollars, but the quality of information you get from the monitoring system. The iPhone spy apps are perfectly safe and secure to give you the desired control over the information consumption of your kids and employees.