Hoverwatch Review 2021 – Is It Worth Buying?

Hoverwatch is of the best applications for spying on a person’s phone. The application is capable of recording phone calls, text messages.

The application can also track a person’s location perfectly. A web portal is provided for monitoring the activities of the person. The application is very user-friendly.


A free trial is provided for about 3 days. After this, you needs to pay about $20 per month to access the application.

Various activities like taking screenshots remotely, reading and downloading text messages, SMS, the camera of the phone can be taken into control by the one who tracks.

Features of Hoverwatch

There are some exceptional features of Hoverwatch. The few are listed below. These are the features available for the Android platform. A Hoverwatch review gives you a full-fledged idea about the overall package offered by Hoverwatch.

  • Stealth mode
  • Recording phone calls
  • Recording the web browser history and other searches made using search engines
  • Tracking Facebook messages
  • Tracking SMS
  • Tracking WhatsApp
  • Tracking Viber
  • Tracking Snapchat
  • Saving the contacts
  • Saving the to-do list
  • Taking screenshots

These are the following features available for Mac:

  • Saving Facebook messages
  • Saving the messages from chat and SMS
  • Keylogger mode
  • Takes screenshots
  • Takes a log of the websites visited

These are the following features available for Windows:

  • Tracks the location of laptops and desktop computers
  • Tracks the messages sent using Facebook for Windows
  • Records skype calls and messages
  • Takes screenshots of the webcam
  • Takes screenshots while using the invisible mode

Keylogger feature

The Android keylogger feature present in Hoverwatch takes an account of the keys pressed. This helps the person to track all the keys pressed to conclude. This is one of the best ways to track a person when the device and phone are highly secured.


Phone tracking feature

The phone tracking feature enables the user to track the phone’s activity in stealth mode. This involves entering a PIN which in turn enables an invisible software inside the phone.

This is one of the best features as the invisibility mode is present. This makes the user whose phone the software is installed invisible that they do not hold on to the aware feeling.

Facebook messages tracking

These days it is very hard to find a person who is not on any social media. The Facebook messages tracking feature of Hoverwatch is excellent as it doesn’t just allow you to read and record the text messages but also to record the voice notes sent and other image files sent and received. A read of the conversation thread will help you get so much information.

Tracking without rooting

Rooting is the process of gaining access to someone’s phone without breaking the warranty. This might lead to compromising with the security of the phone.


The apps like Hoverwatch helps you to track the device without rooting. It is very much easy to track an Android device as it is not inbuilt with various security features like that of Mac.

Storage capacity

The data collected from the target devices can be stored in the portal. The storage capacity of the portal is very high to date back many months before the installation of applications.

How to set up and use Hoverwatch spy app?

To spy using Hoverwatch, both the target and the main device should have some basic requirements. Hoverwatch is compatible with different operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Android.

Step 1: Creation of Hoverwatch account

The Hoverwatch account should be created after entering the email address and password. A confirmation mail is received on the entry of mail ID and password. There is a private dashboard that contains the data fetched from the target devices.


Step 2: Selection of the device type

You need to follow any specialized methods for the installation of this application for different platforms. The features are built when the software is purchased. The type of device has to be chosen from the list of available devices.

Step 3: View Reports

The reports are generated based on the activity of the user. These reports are analyzed to track the behavior of the user.

The best alternative to Hoverwatch – NEXSPY

If Hoverwatch can be stated as one of the best available software in the market, then NEXSPY is also a great application.

There are many excellent features offered by NEXSPY, NEXSPY is also similar to Hoverwatch in the case that it can also track a device without rooting.


There is also a money-back guarantee that is provided by NEXSPY. If the user is not happy with the service being offered by NEXSPY, then a money-back guarantee can be availed for a full refund.

The application is undetectable and unidentifiable. The application gets hidden in the target phone that it can be monitored from the portal of the tracker. Amongst the many other spying applications available in the market, NEXSPY stands out.

Overview of NEXSPY

NEXSPY is one of the most reliable software designed for smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers and other devices. Some steps need to be followed by the user to use the NEXSPY application. There are separate billing prices provided for various platforms.

The software needs to be purchased by the user. Once purchased, the login credentials are sent to the customer’s email inbox. Once logged in, the portal appears. The target device details also appear on the screen.

Ambient Recording is provided by NEXSPY which is yet another exciting feature. The surrounding noises are recorded by the user and it is sent to the portal.

The GPS tracking of the application is top-notch. The geo-fencing feature of the application works well and it stands out.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

The details of the place frequently visited by the user is registered. When the user visits the place, special alerts are sent. This provides a good experience of geo-tracking.

Data capturing can be done using the keylogger feature of the NEXSPY. All the data and the images of the phone can be captured.

Alerts are created when the user changes the SIM Card. This is one of the best notifications to track user activity.

You can also check the number of times a user visits a particular site. The time, date and other details of the site are displayed.

Features comparison – NEXSPY vs Hoverwatch

The following are the major features that are chosen for comparison between the NEXSPY and Hoverwatch. It is seen that both spy apps have a lot in common.

Features NEXSPYHoverwatch
Keylogger YESYES
Wi-Fi network YESYES
Snapchat YESYES
Instant messagingYESYES
Remote accessYESYES
Auto software update YESYES
SIM change alert YESYES
Phone charge YESYES
Browsing history YESYES
Facebook YESYES

Some applications require rooting to be monitored whereas some don’t require. For some versions of the phone, even installation is not required. You can access the phone remotely.

Price comparison

The prices of the software package might vary depending on the type of platform chosen. The pricing also varies depending on the validity of the software. 


The package rates are fixed month-wise, year-wise and even for days. Trial packages are also provided until you are satisfied with the service. The prices also vary for different devices.

How to use NEXSPY?

NEXSPY is a software that is used more commonly by the parents to spy on their kids.

NEXSPY is one of the most preferred software because it is easy to use even by those who are not familiar with using the software. These are some of the steps to be followed to use the NEXSPY application.

Android monitoring

To spy on Android devices using NEXSPY, the software has to be purchased. Once the payment is done, a username and password are sent to the user’s email address. Using these credentials, the user logs in and the portal appears.

There is a list of devices that are compatible with the software. You must check if the list of devices has the device you are targeting.


The portal might appear very simple at first. But, when the user starts downloading the data from the target device, then the screen becomes very lively with a lot of data running in the background.

The devices can be monitored both by rooting and non-rooting. Different procedures have to be followed for both the methods. Certain functions can be performed only in a rooted device.

iPhone monitoring

When the term called rooting is used in devices of Android, when it comes to iPhones, the term jailbreaking is used. This requires changing the security settings of the iPhones that in turn might have a major effect on the working of the phones.


To use the iPhone spy app, you have to be a Premium license holder of the software. Only registered users can access the software. The target device has to be installed and connected.

You have to give 10 minutes of installation time for the software to get installed completely and properly.

Steps to be followed in Android devices and iPhones

The steps followed in Android devices vary drastically when compared to the steps followed in iPhones. This is because the iPhones are designed using a different operating system.

Almost all Android devices have the same settings in all brands. The settings icon has to be clicked to perform various tasks.

The monitoring can be done by using the control panel icon. The control panel icon provides facilities where the user can monitor and track the remote devices.

There are many reasons why you should prefer buying either NEXSPY or Hoverwatch when compared to other spying applications.

The data is kept very safe. The data fetched from the devices are very sensitive. They must be stored properly and not misused for personal gain. There are no complaints of data misuse or mishandling.


You can keep changing the target devices with no extra charges incurred. The only requirement is that the application must be installed on the phone. Some features can be activated even without directly accessing the phone.

  • Excellent service and more than 50 features are provided for the price paid. 
  • Some heavy discounts are provided if you purchase the yearly subscription.

Some steps need to be followed to make sure that the target is not aware of the installation of the software.

  • The browsing history, cookies, and cache must be deleted.
  • The application must be made invisible in the main icon list.
  • You have to keep updating the software for free until the period of validity to make use of the provided features.

iPad monitoring

To monitor the iPad using the software, jailbreaking is much required. No spying is possible on the iPad without breaking the warranty and other security features provided.

The iPhones also can be monitored only when jailbreaking is done. You cannot spy on an iPhone without hindering the security capacity of the device. Thus, you can see that spying on a Mac is much easier when compared to the iPads and iPhones.