Highster Mobile Review: What You Need to Know Before You Buy


Smartphones are essential devices in 2021, without it, we are basically living in the stone age. It serves an endless list of purposes in our day-to-day life, like a personal assistant, an alarm clock, a phone book, a web browser, an email client, a gaming device, a personal computer, and what not!

It’s fascinating that a smartphone replaced so many tools from our life, and made our experience faster and simpler. However, along with a very long list of benefits, it also carries some unavoidable trouble that we can’t deny.

Especially for our kids, the smartphone became an easy gateway for them to be exposed to the virtual world, which sometimes can make them vulnerable to various threats, like cyberbullying, pedophiles, etc.

Mobile spying app

Today, a mobile monitoring software, or spyware, can be a parent’s best friend in order to protect the kids. A simple Google search will reveal that there are dozens of such monitoring apps available online that can monitor whatever your children are doing online.

But not every app made equally, and there’s a lot of variation among them in terms of what they are capable of doing, how easy they are to use, and their affordability.


Granted, if you want a “free” app, you can’t expect them to work up to the mark – those were merely made for fun/prank/joke. But that does not mean a paid app should be exorbitantly expensive, a lot of professional spyware tool you can find which doesn’t break your bank, yet offers a vast array of useful features.

In this article today, we are going to review Highster Mobile, which is an amazing android spy app and comes with a generous price tag. Without further ado, let us now jump deep into it.

Highster Mobile: An overview

Highster Mobile is leading monitoring software for smartphones that allows you to track your kid’s real-time location, log the calling history, read their text messages, view their personal chat, and more.


Here we will review its installation process, features, compatibility, customer support, and other related things so that you know whether it’s the right choice for you.

To be an informed buyer, do read this article from start to bottom as we are going to reveal all the pros and cons of Highster Mobile here, so stay tuned with us.

Installation Highster Mobile

The installation process of Highster Mobile is pretty straightforward, and there’s no need to go through any complicated activation process like some of its competitor apps.

You can directly buy a license from their official website by using your credit or debit card. However, if you don’t want to use your card online, and you want to pay by other methods like PayPal or something else – you’re pretty much doomed as there’s no such option on their website as of now.


Once you’ve paid (choose a subscription as you think fit for your need), you’ll receive a license key on your email. If you can’t see the email in your inbox, do check the spam folder as sometimes over-jealous email services consider even legit messages as spam.

Now, it’s time to install the primary app in the target device. Do note that the smartphone you’re going to track needed to be within your physical access for at least to install this app – there’s no legitimate way by which you can install it remotely in the device you want to track.

So, unless you can get hold of the phone by yourself, do not buy this software, or for that matter any other iPhone spy app. There are some fake sites where they claim to arrange remote installation solutions – do yourself a favor and avoid them like the plague as they are there to scam you only.


Now, download the software in the target device, and follow the simple installation process as per your type of device (Android or iPhone). Once done, the device is ready to be monitored and tracked 24/7.

You should have received the link of your account where you’ll have to log in by using your credentials (check your email again for the ID and password details). Do login and make yourself familiar with various reporting options on your dashboard. You can access this account from any internet-enabled device, any time you wish.

Highster Mobile: Features

Below is a list of key features that you must know before you even consider this app. Please note that this is not an all-inclusive feature index. To know more, visit their official website, or contact their pre-sale support directly for all the queries you may have.

Text messages

Even if the user deletes the text, Highster Mobile can still make a copy and save the same to your account, in real-time.


Text messages are still the most popular form of communication amongst smartphone users, hence you must track each and every text your kid exchange with an unknown person.

Full calling log

Highster Mobile can log every call, be it incoming or outgoing, along with the exact duration and timestamp.

It’s the primary feature for any spy app, and we found that Highster does it as expected without any glitch. This call log is a vital piece of evidence and a great source of information to know one’s overall activity.

Tracking GPS location

This app will upload the exact GPS coordinates if the device you’re targetting in a fixed interval on your account.

This feature will be handy for you as a parent if you wonder where your kids are and what they are doing when they are not at home or school.

Browser history

Monitoring browsing history can be another useful weapon in your arsenal if you’re not sure what kind of websites your kids visit online.

You can block certain sites (porn, etc.) which you don’t want them to access at all, or you can let them keep browsing whatever they want and monitor each of their browsing activity to know their intention.


Social media monitoring

Kids are very active on social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. nowadays, and it’s important that you know their social media friends, who they are interacting with, what kind of posts they are sharing, and more.

Highster Mobile can track every single step of your kid in the world of social media, and now you can view those logs in your account dashboard.

These are the primary and most essential features Highster Mobile offers you, there are few more that we omitted here simply to save some space.

System requirements of Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is compatible with the two major smartphone operating systems: Android, and iOS.


There is no specific version requirement on their site, so we can safely assume that it will work with pretty much any version of Android and iOS.

Having said that, you should ensure a newer version of a mobile platform if you want everything to work out of the box without giving you any headache.

The best alternative to Highster – NEXSPY

So far what we have seen is Highster Mobile is a great spy app that can be used to monitor children’s where abouts and their online activities, which are matters of grave concern for most parents nowadays.

However, if you are a worrying parent and want such a solution, read this article first before you buy the Highster Mobile app.


Undoubtedly Highster is a trusted monitoring app that can do most of the things that a spy app must do – but there are a lot of other mobile tracking and monitoring tools in the market, and one must research at least a few leading apps before they narrow down to a single one.

Although it’s impossible to compare most of them in this short piece, we have decided to take another top-selling spy app in this review and have a more in-depth view in their features, price, and other aspects side by side to see what comes as the winner.

Based on our research, we have selected NEXSPY, which is being praised in various review sites by its users. So, let’s see which one deserves your hard-earned money and why.

NEXSPY: An overview

NEXSPY is another monitoring app, just like Highster Mobile, which is getting a lot of attention from the users lately. It’s a newly launched app compared to the Highster, which around for quite some time.

But being new doesn’t mean it will be superior in terms of functionality and other factors comparing with Highster Mobile, right?


After all, Highster is a tried and tested software and being used by plenty of individuals and business owners worldwide for long, and it gained its fame by serving those customers well to date.

That’s why we are going to a comparative analysis of their key selling points here so that we can make an informed decision at the end.

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Feature comparison: Highster and NEXSPY

Device compatibility

Highster Mobile would be more than enough for many people if they only want to monitor people with their smartphone devices. However, things will change drastically in favor of NEXSPY once you wish to spy on a PC or Mac as Highster seems to have no such option.


All you can do with Highster is track a mobile device based on Android or iOS platform, where NEXSPY offers you solutions for Mac and Windows both as well. From that perspective, NEXSPY is a better all-round solution compared to Highster Mobile. So plus one for NEXSPY here, and let’s move on to the next feature.

Video and VoIP call monitoring

With Highster Mobile, all the regular calls and messages get monitored, recorded, and saved in the user’s dashboard. But Highster has no such feature that can track a call if the user is using a VoIP system.

Furthermore, Highster can’t monitor regular video calls and FaceTime calls which NEXSPY can. These are trendiest ways of communication that people are using in 2019, especially the younger generation, and having no option to spy on those can be a dealbreaker for many of us.

Instant SIM change alert

Real-time SIM change alert is yet another crucial feature NEXSPY offers to its users, and let us explain why this feature is absolutely necessary if you want to monitor your kid’s activity effectively.

Having a second SIM card or even third or fourth is no big deal today, and specifically, kids tend to use many SIM cards for different purposes.


NEXSPY sends instant alerts to your mobile when your kid changes the SIM card and keeps logging the activities they do with this new SIM as well.

This essential feature is absent in Highster Mobile, so if your kid is just a little smart and makes use of multiple SIM cards, Highster would be useless in such scenarios.

Caller ID alert

If you suspect a specific phone number is a potential threat to your children for whatever reasons, you can set an alert in NEXSPY, and it will alert you immediately once that number comes to contact with your child ever, be it by calling, or by messaging.

In Highster, no such customized caller ID alert you can set; hence you’ll be better of buying NEXSPY if you need this specific option in your spy app.

Keyword alert

There are many keywords kids type that can give away their intention of activity at that very moment, and what if you know such keywords instantly when they are typing in their device?

For example, if your kid is searching for porn material online, they will type some specific adult keywords in their browser. Or suppose if they are doing sex chat with an unknown person, then they will also type some adult keywords while chatting.


NEXSPY can be instructed to send you a notification in real-time as they were typing such keywords so that you can take the necessary steps you seem fit.

NEXSPY uses a huge database of such standard adult keywords, so the chances of missing any such unwanted event are almost non-existent. Can Highster Mobile do that? Unfortunately, no.

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Price comparison

Highster Mobile has two different pricing options, where they offer the Basic package for $29.99 per month and the Pro package for $39.99.

The basic package has a minimal set of features, and the Pro package has all the benefits Highster can offer.

However, NEXSPY doesn’t limit features based on package selection, but it provides three packages depending on the duration of the subscription you want to commit.


It has Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly packages, where the yearly option would be best for you as it’s the cheapest of the three ($19 per month), and the monthly package would be great ($39) for the testing purpose before you commit to a long term package.


Both the apps tick almost all the boxes to be considered as your parental monitoring tool. That being said, NEXSPY comes with a few additional features that can be beneficial in this modern communication era when people do talk and message less in conventional ways, instead use modern features like FaceTime or WeChat.

Moreover, if you consider the pricing, the most expensive package of NEXSPY is $0.99 cheaper than the Highster, and you can literally get it for half of the price if you buy an annual subscription. Do we need to say more about which one of these two spy apps should be your automatic choice?