How to Hack Android Phone Using Another Android Phone?


In the first part of our tutorial, we have shown how to set up noip account, and the dynamic update client on your PC. In this final part, we will tell you how to set up AndroRAT and how to hack a phone with the help of it without paying for any premium spy software.

How to hack an android mobile phone?

If you haven’t checked the first part yet, please click here and go through the same first, because the first part of this guide is crucial to hack someone’s phone successfully. So, let’s get started.


Port forwarding

The first part of this guide described how to set up the dynamic update client. Once done, make sure you see three green ticks on the client. Three green ticks mean the client is working fine. Now, minimize the client, and it’s time to set up port forwarding.

Go to the Control Panel of your PC, click on “network and internet,” then click on “network and sharing center,” now look at the top right-hand side, and click “see the full map.”

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Now, right-click on the “gateway,” select “properties.” Under the “general” tab, click on “settings.” A pop up named “advanced settings” will open, click on the add button below. Another pop up called service settings will come up – with four text boxes field. On the first box (description of service), write “mytcp.”

On the second box, you have to put your local IP (not the public IP). If you don’t know what’s your local IP, follow the steps below.

Go to start, write cmd, and press enter. The command prompt window will appear now. Type “ipconfig” and press enter again. Here you’ll see “IPV4 Address”, that’s your local IP. Now, copy the local IP, close the cmd window, and back to the previous step.


As mentioned already, paste the local IP on the second text box now.  Now, in the third and fourth text boxes, external and internal port, respectively, put 81. Check your right-hand side, and make sure the TCP option is selected, and click ok. In the advanced settings box, now you see a new service has been added, mytcp.

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Similarly, click on “Add” again. The service settings box will open, with four text boxes like the previous step. Here in the first field, write “myudp.” The rest three fields will have the exact same value as the former step. But here, make sure to select the UDP radio button. Now click ok, and here another service will be shown with myudp name. Click ok again, and close all the windows which were opened. 

AndroRAT setup

Head to Google, type “AndroRAT xda,” and go to to download the AndroRAT file. There are many other sites you’ll find in Google from where you can take too, but there’s a high chance to download malicious files unless you know what site can be trusted. is a good site with a vigilant community, so downloading a file from there is usually safe.

Once downloaded, extract the files on your PC, and open the folder. Here you’ll see an exe program, AndroRAT Binder. This is our main program which we will use now. So, what this program does? In a sense, you can say it’s a spyware creating program.

Spyware means something which monitors and steals your data from a device. Here we are going to do exactly that, we will create spyware and will install it on an Android to monitor, control, and extract data from it.


AndroRAT binds spyware with an innocent file, which can be a simple HTML page or an image file or another legit apk. Here we will attach a normal apk with AndroRAT spyware so that what user sees is a legit apk and install on his/her phone.

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However, what actually happens is as there’s spyware attached with the legit apk in disguise when a user installs the legit apk, the spyware also installs at the same time secretly, without letting the user know what’s going on under the hood.

From there, the spyware stays hidden from the user’s eyes, but it keeps controlling and spying the device 24×7 unless the phone gets a full factory reset. So, let’s do this.

Double click the AndroRAT Binder app, and it will show you the required settings, which should be set up at this point.

First, in the “IP” field, put the hostname we have created already in the account (go through to the first part of this tutorial to know more). In the “Port” field, put 81, and in the “APK title” field, write a name you want to give to the final app. If you want to make a user believe that it’s a legit app, give it a name of that legit app.

Lastly, there’s an option named “Hidden,” make sure to check it if you want the spyware to be installed as a stealth app so that the user doesn’t see it. In this case, we are not checking that option as this is just a demo to show you how it works, not actual hacking or spying.

Now, click on “Go.” It will now start creating the apk file, once done, you will see the newly created apk file that has been stored on the AndroRAT folder. Now the apk file is ready to be installed on any Android device, and from there you can do whatever you want to do (not literally though) with that Android device.