How to Hack an iPhone Remotely?

People, all their life, hear that hacking is a crime and that invading someone’s privacy is unethical. It most definitely is. The way hackers get unlawful access to sensitive information and misuse it for their advantage really makes hacking a crime.

However, there are some situations where hacking becomes really important and can even be justified. As desperate times call for drastic measures, there are times when hacking into a system might be the only available option.

We are not talking about a state or federal level hacking, but we are talking about how to hack someone’s phone. Smartphones have brought ease into the lives of people, but this technology comes with great danger.

Children possess a tendency to go astray, and smartphones are just increasing the risks. By hacking into the kids’ phones, parents can keep an eye on them without them knowing.


Moreover, hacking into phones can even help at a corporate level. When an employer doubts that one of its employees is leaking their secrets, by hacking into the phone of the employee, a company can save their secrets.

Hacking into phones can help people in many ways, but it is not as simple as it seems. Apple has created a security architecture for its iPhones that is based on the Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm – AES. It scrambles the data for protection, and that is what makes hacking iPhone close to impossible!

Hacking an iPhone might seem impossible, but it is not! For people wanting to know how to hack a phone, here is a list of seamlessly working applications that can help them!

5 Best Ways to Hack an iPhone Remotely


When talking about the most efficient ways of hacking into a cell phone, Nexspy is one of the best options available in the market. It offers impressive features that can help the users spy on another’s activities on the phone with convenience. It is a phenomenal application that constantly undergoes updates and brings fantastic new features to its users.

With this app, users can keep track of all the calls and contacts. It provides users with all crucial call details, such as the time and date. It helps the users keep track of all the text messages with all the critical details, including phone number, sender’s name, time, and date.

Another feature that makes Nexspy an incredible iPhone hacking option is that it can record and monitor VoIP calls. The users will have access to every conversation that takes place through the target’s phone, including Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype.


The stealth camera feature is superb. Whenever the target phone is used to take a picture, the picture captured will be sent to the user directly. The GPS navigator lets the users track the location of the phone, whether the target phone has an internet connection or not.

Using the Nexspy is simple and does not require a user to be a pro at mobile technology. The app offers three premium packages, after which a user can enjoy spying on the target iPhone. The three packages available for the users include a monthly package with $39 per month, quarterly package with $87 per month, and yearly package with a $228 annual fee. As compared to other spying apps, Nexspy is one of the most affordable ones that people can get their hands on.

Available for both Android-powered smartphones and iPhones, Nexspy is easy to use. After selecting a premium package, a user must acquire the target device and download the app from the Nexspy online repository. After installation, a user must enter the license code that they received in their e-mail. Once installed, a user can start spying on the target phone. It is that easy!

NEXSPY dashboard 1

The application is compatible with Android 4.0.3 – 9, with iOS up to 12.4, and all versions of Windows.


  • The user gets all advanced features with the premium account
  • All conversations on all social media platforms are accessible with the app
  • It is easy to install
  • Users can uninstall the app from the target’s phone remotely
  • Offers affordable premium packages
  • Users get a 3-day free trial


  • The application is not compatible with Blackberry and Symbian device


For people in search of the most reliable phone tracker app without permission to track the activities of their kids on their smartphone, mSpy is where their search ends. It is the perfect way for parents to keep an eye on what their kids are up to.

Kids can misuse their smartphones in many ways, and it is the responsibility of every parent to protect their children from any doubtful activities. mSpy comes as a useful tool for parents and allows them to keep a check on their kids.


The monitoring capabilities of mSpy are the best and a reason why it has become such a popular app among parents. Users will know exactly the target phone is as the app lets them track the movement of the target anywhere at any time. The real-time GPS location can be viewed even without an internet connection.

Users can very easily access the e-mails and even spy on text messages on the phone. The app allows users to know the critical details of the e-mails and text messages.

The details a user can access include the sender’s name, phone number, email address, date, and time of email or message. A smart feature of the app is that it lets the users view the deleted messages.

Moreover, mSpy lets a user have full control of the target phone’s call log and contacts. It provides vital details such as the time and date of calls, callers’ names, numbers, and even the call duration.

Another feature that has got everyone raving about is its Instagram spy. It allows the users to keep track of all conversations on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Users can even spy on the target’s Tinder, Skype, and even Viber. Before installing the app, the users must turn off the Google Play Protect.


mSpy is available for download for both Android-powered smartphones and iPhones. The app is compatible with all iOS devices. The app works perfectly with devices that are running on iOS 6 to 8.4 or iOS 9 to 9.1. for Android users, this app works seamlessly on smartphones that are running on Android.

Users can choose from three types of packages that include basic, premium, and no-jailbreak. The monthly payment option for the basic package is $29.99; for 3 months, it costs $59.99, and for 12 months, $99.99. The price for a one-month premium package is $69.99; for three months, it costs $119.99, and for a yearly subscription, it costs $199.99.


  • It works perfectly in the stealth mode
  • Users can track and monitor more than one device at a time
  • It even generates insightful reports


  • The app is more towards the pricier side


FlexiSPY provides everything that one needs in a phone monitoring system. It is the most advanced android spy app that people can find in the market. Not only is this app great for parents and spouses, but it is a beneficial tool for employers as well. It lets companies keep track of all the activities of their employees without getting noticed.

The application allows the users to read text messages and all other conversations such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Tinder, Viber, and Skype. All messages in the phones, including the ones deleted by the target, can be easily read and accessed through FlexiSPY. A user will be able to get important details such as the sender’s name, phone number, time, and date of the message.


The call log and the phone call details can be accessed with this phenomenal spy app. Users of FlexiSPY not only get access to the time and date of the phone calls, but it even gives them details such as call duration and location. Moreover, they can easily access the contacts on the target’s phone.

An added feature that makes this app a hit in the market is it lets the users access the browsing history on the internet. The sites visited, the terms searched, and the timing, a user of FlexiSPY, can access all such critical details.

The ambient recording of the app is of really high quality. It can help the users listen to all the conversations that are taking place with the target’s phone around. It gives an added advantage to the user. The GPS feature will even provide a user with the live location of the target. It does not require an active internet connection and will provide real-time data to the user.


The app is available for download on both Google Play Store and the App Store. It is compatible with almost all major operating systems. It works perfectly on smartphones powered by Android 4.0.3 to Android 8.1.

For iOS, the app is compatible with iOS versions up to 11.4.1. It even works on BlackBerry devices that are running on versions 5.0 to 7.1. In addition to this, FlexiSPY works on all Windows devices.

There are three packages that the app is offering, and these include extreme, premium, and computers. The extreme package starts at $199 for three months and costs $349 for an entire year’s subscription. The premium packages start at $68 for one month, $99 for three months, and $149 for one year.


  • It allows using multiple devices at a time
  • The alert wizard notifies the users when the phone is being used
  • Users can download the recorded calls in a bulk


  • The app is expensive as compared to other spy apps
  • It is compatible with the latest Android version
  • The app does not allow intercepting phone calls on CDMA networks or dual sim phones
  • It features a complicated UI
  • There is no refund policy


Spyier is one of the top favorite iPhone monitoring apps on the market right now. People are downloading the app and enjoying its amazing features. It is working amazingly in helping people retrieve critical data from a target phone. Parents, employers, and even spouses are using the app to monitor the activities of children, employees, and the other spouse, respectively. It is helping people protect themselves and their loved ones from fraud and cybercrime.

For anyone who wants to know how to hack an iPhone passcode, Spyieris an answer for them. It offers the functionality of monitoring the top social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, and SnapChat. The app stays hidden on the target phone, and the person under monitoring will never know that their every move is being recorded.


A user is required to install Spyier on the target phone physically. The app disappears once installed, and the one being monitored will have absolutely no clue about what’s happening. The features that the app offers to its users include screen capture, ambient recording, call recording, and keyloggers.

Uses of Spyier can have complete control over the target phone. The quality of the ambient recording is great, and it will let the user listen to all the conversations that are taking place around the target phone. The phone call monitoring feature is one of the best features of the app. The app even provides the list of most frequently contacted phone numbers along with the names.

The feature helps the users get insightful information such as call duration, time, date, and even the location. Moreover, the app track someone’s iPhone allows the users to also see the attachments the target exchanges on platforms such as Line, WeChat, Kik, Facebook, and Instagram.


With the help of Spyier , the users can easily hack text messages without access to phone. The app saves a copy of all the text messages and even includes the ones that have been deleted from the target phone. In addition to text message hacking, the app offers internet use monitoring features. With this feature, a user can access the internet history and even see the bookmarks. It also allows the user to block several websites, block internet use, and also block some apps.

Other features of Spyier include keystroke logging, location tracking, and sim-card change detection. The application is compatible with the latest version of Android, and that is 8.0 Oreo. The two packages that people can choose from include premium and ultimate edition. The yearly fee of the ultimate package is $89.88, and for the premium, it costs $99.99.


  • It offers all features it promises its users
  • It allows the user to limit the usage of the target phone
  • It allows retrieval of deleted messages


  • There is a GPS location feature
  • It is an expensive app


Thinking of how to hack into an iPhone? WebWatcher is one of the best options available for you in the market. It is not the most intuitive app, but it definitely has incredible features that have brought it in this top five list of best iPhone monitoring apps.

It is a reliable option for parental contral app, but it is not efficient enough to be used by notable corporate entities. Users do not have to jailbreak a target phone to use all the features of the app. All a user has to do is simply download the app on the target phone and request the app to run in stealth mode.


The text messaging monitoring feature will allow users to protect their kids from getting in contact with the wrong people. Be it text messages or a social media messenger, the app will allow a user to access the messages with ease and convenience.

The app is a great way to save children from cyberbullying and protect them from falling victims to fraud. It even allows the user to see all the photos that are being captured by the target phone.

WebWatcher is compatible with Android versions starting from 2.1 and with iOS 6.0 and later. The mobile package of WebWatcher costs $29.95.


  • The photoactivity lot is amazing
  • The application is affordable


  • The app sends alerts and notifications to the parent app

All these apps are specifically designed to hack iPhones. None of these apps are fraudulent and will provide every feature that they promise. People from all around the world are benefiting from these spying apps that are making their lives stress-free and full of convenience.


Parents do not have to worry about their children getting trapped in inappropriate activities. Parents are now able to better protect their kids from cybercrimes and frauds. Even the corporate sector is enjoying the benefits of these fantastic spying apps for iPhones.

They can keep an eye on the employee’s activities and also catch the frauds during an action. Moreover, spouses can ensure that their relationship is not being wrecked by someone else.

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