How To Hack An Instagram Account?

After Facebook, Instagram is amongst the most famous social media platforms, more especially among early adults and teenagers, who’ve made a profession out of it.

For some reason, like when you’ve forgotten your login password, want to check what your child has done on Instagram, want to check what your employees are doing, you might need to hack an Instagram account.

The question of “How to hack an Instagram account?” that you may have thought about at a certain point in your life, yeah?

Instagram is so famous for a social media platform and it actually happens to be a phenomenon, and perhaps you have even thought about how to hack someone’s Instagram, yet felt underwhelmed, because you think that you need proper knowledge about coding and the like stuff.


Well, in fact, you do not need to be a spy or have a lot of knowledge about coding to know how to hack Instagram accounts. In this article, we will show you four methods that you can use to hack Instagram account and password.

There are actually a lot of reasons why you may want to hack someone’s Instagram. Perhaps you are a concerned parent, perhaps you are a concerned employer, or your Instagram has been hacked and you want to gain access to it again.

There are so many reasons why you may want to hack an Instagram account, but we have all the solutions for these. Read on to learn more about how to hack someone’s Instagram.

How to hack an Instagram account easy?

If you are looking for a way on how to hack Instagram account on iPhone or Android, you must use a reliable Instagram spy app.

These spy apps are mobile phone software, which gives you full access to the target device and all of the data that’s on it, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and various social media account data.

With these apps, you might be able to view all messages, applications, contacts, pictures, videos, and phone calls as well.


There are hundreds of spy applications available on the internet, yet not all of them are reliable and beneficial. Nonetheless, in our extensive research, we have found that amongst the best and most reliable ones that you may use in various monitoring purposes is the NEXSPY.

NEXSPY offers you a lot of amazing features and aside from having the capacity to hack someone’s Instagram, you may also gain an insight on their whole social media lives, as well as read texts that go in and out of someone’s phone .

Features of NEXSPY – just to name a few

Online control panel

With NEXSPY, you can get access to an online control panel anytime in which you may access each aspect of the target’s phone. This includes their social media accounts like Instagram.

Access contact information

With NEXSPY, you can find out everything about those the target is in contact with and know about the people who are tagged in uploaded photos, as well.


Track call, message, and internet activities

NEXSPY is the best spy app for Android & iOs to use if you want to know how to hack Instagram Direct Message. You can actually gain wide-ranging access to all the calls and texts being received and sent, as well as access the history of all the websites being visited on the phone.

Access picture and videos

Even though the account of the target is private, you may still be able to view and access all the pictures uploaded in the account.

GPS tracking

You can track the precise location of the target phone and you may set up a certain perimeter for the phone.


How to hack into an instagram account using NEXSPY?

Step 1: Create your NEXSPY Account

You will first need to buy a NEXSPY Premium license on their official website at Depending on what platform the target phone is running to, the price may vary a bit.

Step 2. Install NEXSPY on the target phone

Upon receiving the login credentials in your email, go to and login to your account.

You need to download and install the NEXSPY app into the target phone. After that, open the app and enter the license key of your account. After doing all of these, clear the download and browser history.

This is perhaps the only downside of this method, as you will need to have the target’s phone physically – though, it’ll just take 5 minutes, so that’s manageable.

Step 3. Monitor through your control panel

After installing the app, you may now start viewing the data private Instagram account. In doing so, you might need to login to your NEXSPY account portal.

You may use the ‘Instagram‘ feature to view the target phone’s messages and pictures.

Otherwise, you can use its keylogging feature to know what’s the target’s Instagram account and password then use it to log in to the Instagram app.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

How to hack someone’s Instagram?

Lots and lots of websites that let you hack someone’s Instagram account and password are available online. In order for you to find the legit ones and isn’t just a promotional activity is somewhat difficult.

If you Google it, you may find numerous websites, but not all are actually reliable. In most of them, you will need to visit their site, and you will click a certain button which often says ‘Start hacking’.

The next thing that you are going to do is to enter the username of your target account and then click on the ‘Hack’ button. After, the program will verify the account name and then process fetching the password of that account.


This method involves numerous steps. The program will establish a secure connection with the Instagram server. Next, it’ll extract the password of the username from the database of Instagram.

Afterward, the program will decrypt the data obtained. And then all the hints will be erased so it can’t be trailed back to you as the hacker. At the end of it, the program will report that the account has already been hacked.

To get the password, you need to press a certain button then you will be redirected to another page where you can get the link for the password of the target username.

How to hack into an Instagram account?

Hack Instagram with phishing pages. The use of phishing pages to hack Instagram account without their password is very rampant nowadays. You as the hacker will set up a phishing page using a web host account and free template – and just a little knowledge about HTML.

With phishing pages, you essentially create a fake login page. You will send the target a link to the fake login page – this is where the victim will enter his or her login credentials.


Again, not all online Instagram hacking programs are reliable and finding the most reliable one is so difficult. That’s why we suggest the use of spy apps, like NEXSPY.

The phishing page will then record all the entries and report it to your email, allowing you to obtain access to the Instagram username and password.

Phishing pages are famous for hackers, as they work and they are so easy to set up, with just minimal costs.

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Hack instagram via password guessing & social engineering

The last method that you can try to break into an Instagram account is password guessing and social engineering.

If you personally know the target, then you may try using their personal information, like birthday, parent’s name, address, dog’s name, or cell number to guess what their password is.

You may be surprised how many people choose simple passwords, in spite of the warning that it is an awful internet security mistake. Some of the favorite common passwords include:

  • password
  • qwerty
  • asdf
  • 123456
  • 12345

All of these are so simple and are easy to guess.

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Final thoughts: Hacking Instagram

There you have it, as you can see, there are so many ways to hack an Instagram account. These are the four different means of knowing how to hack somebody’s Instagram account and password.

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Follow through these with proper caution and do it legally and for legit reasons. Bear in your mind your state laws, in order to avoid any legal ramifications.

Although all of these three methods seem so efficient and simple, it is our personal recommendation that you try using NEXSPY as it is a legit spy application meant for legal purposes.

It also provides you access to many features like GPS tracking that is not possible with some other apps. With it, you can monitor your child’s or employees’ behavior online in just a matter of minutes.

A reminder: Hacking on someone’s Instagram account without his or her permission is illegal. NEXSPY does not support this kind of activity and strongly suggests legal tracking for parents and employers.

In order to prevent someone from hacking your account, it is best that you increase your internet security. We hope this article was useful and we hope you are going to follow through them with proper discretion. Happy hacking!