How to Hack a Cell Phone Remotely?

With the advancement in technology, the use of smartphones is something that the entire generation is dependent on. So from the moment that one wakes up until their bedtime, people are on their phones the entire time.

But this has also led to cyber crimes and in case you look forward to keeping yourself and family safe one needs to use the technology accurately. If you are working parents, it does get difficult to spend a lot of time with children.


For monitoring their online activities you can do so through the best spy apps sitting remotely from distance. Not just this if you have been running a business, one has to have information on if the employees are working to the best of their abilities or not.

Here we have a detailed guide for you that will help you with how to hack a phone easily with quality apps and software.

Can you hack someone’s phone remotely?

For the surveillance of almost all of the popular mobile phones that run on iOS, Android and other systems, NEXSPY is the best. It will be running silently in the background, and the owner of the target device won’t have any clue about it.


The app will be giving you access to targeting a device and listening to all of the communication going on. There are also varied features like text logs, access to emails and all of the social media tracking that we will learn here.

How to hack a cell phone pictures remotely?

One can often get concerned about children and their loved one’s security. The constant rise of cybercrime has also made this situation worse. Now with the power of spying apps, you need not worry about anything. You can track the pictures on the phone that are taken, exchanged and shared with NEXSPY.

The application is not just safe and reliable but easy to use as well. The reputation of the application is great and thousands of people from around the world use it on a day to day basis. It works amazingly for hacking the pictures that are being taken on cell phones.


One of the unique features of this app is that there will be no requirement of rooting the target device. This will allow you to be able to monitor all of the social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Google hangout and many others.

NEXSPY removes any complexity that might be observed with some of the other apps. You will be able to take a look at all of the pictures that were taken on the target device with ease.

Additionally, the snaps that will be shared with Snapchat, WhatsApp and other direct messages can also be viewed. And you might be able to see some of the deleted pictures as well.

How to hack someone’s phone without them knowing

Here we have a simple step-by-step guide that you can follow with the use of the NEXSPY app. This even allows you to hack someone’s phone remotely and you will be able to see everything. The process of installation takes less than five minutes and you will be able to track everything.


Step 1

Visit the official website of NEXSPY.  Then register with them to make a new account. Please remember the credentials that you select as it will be used in the entire process of installation.

Step 2

Now you need to select the kind of cell phone that you want to target. This can be an Android device, iOS or others that you can choose. Then for proper functioning one has to allow all of the permissions.

Then you need to follow the simple instructions for finishing the download and the installation process. You can also uninstall the app easily remotely from the control panel. With just one click this app gets uninstalled.

Step 3

After you have set the app up, you can log on to the control panel from the remote device. And you are ready to hack text messages without access to phone.

How to hack a phone easily and remotely?

One of the most common mobile phones that are being used around the world currently are the ones that run on Android. This has amazing significance and usually, a lot of children have these devices with them.

So NEXSPY can be considered as a safe and secure program that you can use of hacking a phone. This will give you a chance to remotely hacking an Android phone.


The best part about the Android spy apps is that you don’t need to be a hacking genius to use it. NEXSPY is user-friendly and works for everyone. These are available for people from all genres and being tech-savvy is not a requirement.

There are no complex codes or numbers that you might believe will be making it complicated. This is very easy to use and you can also download it at any time of the day.

Once it’s installed properly, this will be offering the remote access and all of the target devices can be seen with all of the important data. Any kind of outgoing, as well as incoming communication, can be seen, also videos and other media files can be viewed without even looking at the device.

Some of the amazing advantages of NEXSPY

GPS tracking

You are able to look at the accurate GPS co-ordinates. This will be updated regularly in some time.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

Call details

All of the call log with the times and appropriate date is also viewed using the app.


You can also see the mobile keystroke that helps you with having all of the information related to passwords of some of the accounts.

Text message and emails

Also, take a look at all of the older, new and even deleted texts. Also, all of the emails that are received can be seen, with the content that is shared as well.

NEXSPY dashboard

Data backup and media shared

You can see the video, photos and the GIF that is saved on the phone. Also, all of these media files that are backed up can be viewed.

Access to social media and internet history

All of the social media communications become visible for you and the postings related to Instagram, Facebook and Viber can be seen. Also, the websites that are being visited with the other browser information can be known.

Is NEXSPY the best spy app?

Well, the popularity of NEXSPY is reaching new heights every day. Because of the wide range of features that it provides, spying on the phone becomes easier. This assures that your children and business are safe from any unwanted scenarios.

The app provides affordability and but also gives you all of the advanced features. As it will be running in the background of the target phone, you won’t have any issues with your safety.


When we talk about features, NEXSPY provides you with call tracking, real-time location tracking, and various other unique features. These options will be giving you complete control over the target smartphone. You can even switch on the target phone camera to take a look at all of the happenings at the time.

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When we talk about performance, NEXSPY is absolutely great. You can enjoy all features without any kind of issue. It is a smooth running application that the parents can use for keeping a keen eye on their children making sure they are far from any troubles. Then if you are a business owner this will help you with protecting your business from any fraud.

Are these spy applications detectable?

Well, there is absolutely no probability that these apps will be detected. If it was the case, then there was no point in designing such apps as it would have been useless. So the person using the target phone will not be able to know if anybody has been looking into their device.

Will I be able to save the phone data?

Of course, as per the program that you select you will have the ability to save the data on the phone that can be seen on the dashboard. This includes media, communication through texts and other files that can be viewed late on.


There can be different reasons for which you want to look at the pictures and communication taking through someone’s phone. This will need a trustable app that can work in a discreet manner. NEXSPY is one such powerful application and the advanced features make it worth the investment.

The app will surprise you with an amazing speed. This web-based app will assist you in monitoring devices and from any browser. It is a comprehensive yet pocket-friendly method that helps you in learning more vital information about the target device.