How to Find Someone’s Location by Cell Phone Number?

For various kinds of circumstances, you may want to find free app to track a cell phone location. Moreover, many people today are interested in testing and trying out spy apps using the other person’s cell phone. It is a task that is possible with millions of people using mobile phones.


Although the primary objective of smartphones is staying connected with loved ones, the intentions have superseded the norms. It is because by using the same device, they can also track or find their location.

But, the primary concern in this scenario is first to understand whether the same is possible. If possible, how to find someone’s location using their cell phone numbers?

How to find someone’s location using their cell phone number?

How to track someone’s phone by their number? There are various possibilities. For instance, the common one is where you can make use of the phone’s SS7 Interconnect system. Using the SS7 Interconnect system forms a communication bridge between the receiver device and the transistor.

It is the simplest method of locating someone using their mobile number. Although a more straightforward way, it poses the issue of security getting exposed to the service provider.

Tracking a person without them even realizing it is a feat you can achieve quite easily if you seek the aid of excellent and reliable iOs & Android spy apps like NEXSPY.

NEXSPY dashboard

In today’s world, spying to look out for the well-being and safety of your loved ones is a necessity. It is even more imperative when you suspect someone close to you is plotting ill-intentioned things against you.

To stay one step ahead of your competition or adversaries, opting for such apps is undoubtedly required. Whether to have a watchful eye on your loved ones or to stay alert against imposing a threat, spy apps are quite handy. However, you need to understand that you first need to install the app on their phones.

4 Ways to Track Someone’s location without them knowing

Tracking someone’s phone with just their number is possible. So, if you’re wondering how you can do this then keep on reading.

Use mSpy

mSpy is just one of the many iPhone spy apps that you can use if you want to track someone by cell phone number without them knowing. With this app, you will be able to track someone else’s iPhone without them knowing.


mSpy acts as a security app and parental control that will let you access a phone distantly. With mSpy, you will be able to track the media files, calendars and memos, text messages, location, app details, internet usage, and contact list of your target device.

But aside from these amazing features, this spy app allows you to access the target device’s GPS to remotely track its location.

Here’s how to use mSpy:

  1. Create a mSpy account and then set it up
  2. Select the operating system of your target device
  3. Install the app in your target device
  4. Log in to your account to track the phone’s location

Use Device Tracker Plus

Device tracker plus is an online service that is usually used in tracking a cell phone location for free.

This service allows you to track your target device in real-time using your browser. Furthermore, this service is very easy to use and it is ideal for parents who want to monitor their kids.

One of the best things about this software is that it is compatible with Android and iOS phones and supports tablets as well. Moreover, it also has an auto service as well as network detail capturing.

Use Buddy Locator

Aside from Device Tracker Plus, you can also utilize Buddy Locator if you want to track a phone using only its number.

This site is actually free and you can track a cell phone location without Installing software. All you need to do is choose the country where the phone is and type the number, then the results will be shown immediately.

The good thing about this app is that it’s a licensed GPS locator online service and it is available in almost all states all over the world.

NEXSPY: The best app for tracking someone’s location without them knowing

NEXSPY is one of the best phone tracker apps for employee monitoring and parental control today. Aside from that, it is simple and easy to use. In fact, it is also a reliable app that can be installed with ease.

NEXSPY, on the other hand, works on popular devices whether it is an iPhone or Android. With this app, you will be able to do a lot of things without spending a huge amount of money.


Best features of NEXSPY

GPS Tracking

These days, phones have trackers that are firmly embedded in their hardware, actually, this makes tracking insignificant. The majority of free cell phone tracker app out there can track someone’s phone with ease and NEXSPY is no exclusion.

While a lot of people think that they can avoid being tracked by switching off their GPS or location, with NEXSPY this will never happen.

In fact, this app shows current stopovers through cell tower proxy and real-time tracking, with location history and geo-fencing working as one to keep your children safe at all times. 

Track text messages and call logs

This app lets you see the call history of calls, address book, and record VoIP calls with a certain recording app. NEXSPY will also break down the length, proportion, and frequency of received calls.

Aside from calls, NEXSPY also allows you to track both outgoing and incoming text messages that include content, timestamps, and deleted messages. In addition to that, you can flag certain words and the system that is automated will notify you when the word pops up.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

Ambient recording

If your target left without informing you, actually, you can easily find out where they went. All you have to do is remotely activate the mic and listen without the danger of being shown. Though the recording time is quite short, you can continuously stack their usage, restricted only by the Wi-Fi connection’s strength.

As you can see there are lots of ways that you can do if you want to track someone else’s phone with their number. But not all of them are proven effective. So if you want to ensure success then you should opt for the NEXSPY app.

Based on the information provided above, we can say that this app really stands out. And by the way, with NEXSPY, you will be notified if your target phone changes its number.

How to track Someone’s location using NEXSPY?

Unlike the other spy apps and software, downloading and installing NEXSPY is very simple. Once the app is running, it does not reflect on their smartphone. However, you can still track the device and also screen their texts and call logs.

NEXSPY has versatile features that enable you to keep track of someone’s location with them knowing in many ways. For instance, you can screen their whereabouts, relying on their phone’s GPS.

As a spy app, let us find out how NEXSPY aids you find someone’s location by cell phone number. Using just the phone number, tapping the cell phone is possible after installing the tracking app in the target device.


Upon activation after a successful installation, you can monitor the cell phone activity of the person. You will remain undetected while monitoring their cell phone activity, including finding the phone’s location.

The person using the app will also not be able to detect the presence of the app on their phone. In short, it is like hacking the mobile device of a person using their number alone.

Potent apps like NEXSPY will provide you with regular updates regarding your target phone number’s location. You can continuously access this information on your dashboard while online. Using your dashboard, you can locate someone at any time and from anywhere.

Apart from this, you will also get notifications concerning the target number’s frequently visited locations. You can also monitor their calls, messages, emails, social media accounts, and even record the same.

Keep track of your target’s location anywhere at any time

The app is handy for parents where they can keep track of their child’s phone activity online. For instance, you can monitor their web browsing history. When it is necessary to hack your child’s phone to ensure their online safety, NEXSPY is your ideal option.

The spy app is also useful when you are worried that your spouse or partner is cheating on you. You can screen the places most often visited and look out for unexpected visits to the unlikely locations.

NEXSPY is undoubtedly the best tracking software that can be used on smartphones, tablets, and even PCs. Right from the device’s GPS location to web history to WhatsApp messenger, you can hack them all.

At some point or another, you would want to track the phone activity of someone using their phone numbers. When faced with such situations, you will need the best software available. NEXSPY is not only easy to use but is also simple to download and install.

Precisely for finding someone’s location, NEXSPY will provide you with the person’s exact location. It will also aid in tracking every movement of the person backed by location history logs.

The geo-fencing feature of the app also allows you to receive immediate notifications concerning the change in location.

Going a step ahead, NEXSPY offers you a keylogger feature that helps you monitor whatever your target types on their phone.

Thus, it is a great spy app to monitor the cell phone of your children. It is also useful in following your employees while they handle critical information about your business.