The Best DIY Home Security Systems of 2021


Why do you need DIY home security systems?

With the crime rates going up in each and every small city or big continent, you need precautions to keep your loved ones safe and sound. This is where home security systems come in. Anyone comes to the door, you see it or anyone breaks in, the alarm goes off – security works in every way possible without even employing any manual labour.

However, they also present another hindrance for some models – they have to be extensively installed by a handyman which also goes without saying, that your security system is now familiar to a third party whom you should not trust.

This is how people have come to rely on the concept of DIY home security system which essentially means that the security system can be installed by you with the help of instructions that come with the package. Some other benefits of DIY home security models are listed below.

The cost factor

With DIY security systems, you can keep it within your budget and affordable. You do not need some company technician or a high maintenance handyman to help you install the system which lessens your costs. You also do not have to take up the hassle of indulging in a contract based payment.

Most of the companies who offer home security systems offer their services may be in a monthly or yearly plan which takes away your freedom of choosing your home security. These contract based payments also extend your costs which defeats the cost of keeping your family safe within a budget.


Maybe you are not someone to stay in one place a long time or you are staying in your lodgings for a temporary amount of time. This makes it impractical to have a professional home security system especially when you are not going to stay in that place for a long time.

It could also occur to you to update your alarm systems every once a while which does not need a permanent solution for your home security system. That is when you know you need the do it yourself home security systems.


Features and ease of installation

Nowadays manufacturers have advanced leaps and bounds with the help of technology. Like every other industry, DIY home security models have also improved. They have made the design filled with so many features that you would be astonished at the capabilities of the security systems.

You need not do any remodelling of your house or change your existing electricity conditions to install these systems. Manufacturers have done their research – they know what most electrical systems are like in houses.

That makes them knowledgeable enough to adapt their security products compatible with the present living conditions. You will find clear and precise instructions to help you set up the systems the right way. All you need to do is follow the instructions to the tee and voila, you have got yourself the very best home security system.

This brings the flow to the topic the article title pertains to. Among the many innovations flooding the market in the home security system, this article has narrowed down the pool of choices and presents to you, the three best models of DIY home security systems in the below list.


SimpliSafe is the option for you if you are looking for an easy and affordable way out of this home security problem. Ranked one of the best DIY home security systems, SimpliSafe requires absolutely no effort from you to set up. Do not look so worried because the ease comes with the comfort of not paying via a monthly or yearly subscription – once you buy SimpliSafe, it is yours.

SimpliSafe models are advanced and state of the art technology come to life because they boast a powerful package of customizable models with Wi-Fi and cell connections – making it easy for you to control your system from anywhere. All you need to do is link the device to your home network and watch the magic happen. T

he next best highlight about the models is that they are easy to assemble – just place your sensors in the right place and you will get your home security systems set up in an instance. You don’t need to drill holes all over your place or break a sweat to put this system up. This baby has got it all – environmental protection, smoke resistance with freeze and carbon monoxide sensors attached in the model.

With all it’s super advantages, you must be wondering what the catch is – the bad thing about this model would be that there are no camera sensors so you cannot see anything that is going on.

You also do not have the ability to connect the device with the home automation system so you cannot ask Alexa to change the password to the alarm just yet. When you choose the self-monitoring package, you can connect the device with your smartphone but there will be boundaries to that connection as well.

There are options for everyone from the company so if you feel the packages are good enough for you, you can continue with it but if you feel that you need professional monitoring, SimpliSafe could also arrange that.

The model gives you a 60-day money back guarantee which basically attests to the fact that if it doesn’t work out the way you wanted, you can get a refund and try out other companies. SimpliSafe works out great for people who are looking for a temporary solution or still living under rental conditions.

Nobody wants to be on the receiving end of their landlord’s wrath when they discover holes in the wall of the apartment they had so willingly rented out. You can trust on the SimpliSafe models because their updates have rendered their models to work faster with an enhanced alarm volume that can easily be heard and more security restrictions – all you have to do is take the small pieces of equipment out and assemble together to set up at your home.


A classic masterpiece when it comes to the DIY home security system industry, Frontpoint is for those people who want an all-rounder in their home security system. The company is renowned because of the excellent customer service that they give, what with being available every second of the day, every day of the week – having a problem that is just not getting solved? Just pick up your phone and have a chat with the customer care executive on the other side.

You will understand the amount of attention and care talked about in this article when you talk with a Frontpoint executive. You can get any package that you want from Frontpoint – for the long term or the short term or just about anything that you want.

The only con in the payment part is that you have to pay a certain amount for activation of the systems but this article assures you that this amount is the only external payment that you have to pay, apart from the buying price.

Their systems have a variety of options that range from door sensors, window sensors, lock panel sensors, and tons more to cover any and every part of your home that you want to be protected. You can also get specialized locks for your home safes and other important stuff that you have lying around in your house.


The best part about this DIY home security system is that you can easily install it – according to the company, you need only set apart 30 minutes of your day to set up the system. No matter which model you choose, the ease of access in each is astoundingly obvious.

The system includes features like touchscreen LED displays and crash controls along with an arsenal of security arrangements in the model. You also get to watch live video streaming and life safety tips to help you out when you need to check in your home and see if everything is all right. You can access the device from a remote place, as long as you are connected to the Internet.

The extra security measures include both indoor and outdoor cameras, intrusion resistance and environmental protection. You can get alerts in your cellular device which is a good thing except for the disadvantage of this device not going well with the landline concept – if you only have a landline number, you are not going to like this model. However, in the modern age, it is impossible that you do not have a phone which does not make the medium of receiving alerts such a big deal for you.

The Link Interactive device may be the last do it yourself home security system in this list but it is nowhere lesser than the other components of this list. The best part about the Link Interactive home security system is that it is one of those feature-rich models which can be bought at an affordable price.

Whatever features you pay for and avail, the installation remains clean and easy for each of the models. You can monitor your home in a live stream which requires you to play along with different ranges for the package costs.

The package is a contract based agreement which many of you may be sceptical about but you can choose the duration of time you want the contract to span. In the most basic level, the models include features which are not limited to fire alarms, instruction alarms, and crash and slash resistance. If you are willing to go a little higher on the price list, you will get advanced features like two-way voice communication, live streaming and monitoring.


The ultimate package for which you have to pay higher than the medium range models contains 43 sensors that include HD recording, night vision recording, control lights, locks with thermostat controls, geo services, remote access and control and video recording, even during a scheduled time.

Link Interactive is undoubtedly one of the easiest  DIY home security systems since even with advanced features, it is as easy as the basic one to install. You can change the layout plan according to your own requirements.The three models listed above are the trending three innovations in the market. However, you should do more research and check out the reviews and other detailed information on other models before you come to an informed decision.

See to it that the brand you choose have good and reliable customer service so that you can get help anytime you want. Check for all the features and do not compromise on quality since it is not at all given that the more features there are, the price will shoot up. You can get the best of features in an affordable budget – the best part of today’s market.

The DIY home security system models are chosen because of their easy access and install so make sure that you do not have to slave over installing one system in your house.

There are very few cons with these systems, especially if it is a self-monitoring security system because then you would have to contact the police yourself (the system will not do it for you automatically) and limited warranties but this does not cover the fact that these systems are the best and more pocket friendly when it comes to home security.

You can make your final decision when you have studied and researched about the models and the brands and after careful consideration about what you actually need from your home security system. There are lots of options out there in the market and the best part about these DIY systems are that they act better as a temporary solution rather than a permanent one which should do just right for your adulting life – with no clue where you are going to end up residing next.

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