The Best Parental Control Monitoring Apps for Android and iPhone 2022

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Bark App – Parental control monitoring app for iPhone & Android

Bark is the perfect app for those new to the world of parental control software.

Best for Teen Monitoring: mSpy – Phone monitoring app

With mSpy, you’ll be able to look at the pics on your teen’s phone, read their texts, and see messages on their social media apps.

Best for Android: NEXSPY – The best spy app for Android

NEXSPY is the best spy app for Android that gives its users an opportunity to monitor another person’s cell phone remotely

Best Budget: FamiSafe – Parental control app

You can opt for a monthly subscription for $10.99 that lets you link up to five devices

Imagine having access to a vast amount of information in the palm of your hand. Although our linked lifestyles have made many things easier, there are still risks to be aware of when using the Internet. The Internet provides anyone who utilizes it with the freedom to explore, which isn’t always good.

There is enough stuff on the Internet that is inappropriate for anyone, let alone children. This is why keeping an eye on your children’s online activities is a good idea. By keeping an eye on your children’s internet activities, you can ensure that they don’t encounter any potentially harmful content. You’ll also be able to tell if your youngster has been the victim of cyberbullying this way.

It was formerly simple to ensure that your youngster did not have access to such material. It was as simple as installing an appropriate program on the computer and limiting access to stuff you didn’t want your youngster to see. Kids nowadays have mobile phones and tablets with internet access, which complicates things.

While parents cannot regulate the Internet, they can keep an eye on what their children are doing online with the correct solution, such as apps that track actions and habits on a child’s device.

10 Best parental control app you can get

Here are the ten best parental control apps that parents may use to monitor their children’s smartphone usage.

Bark App – Parental control monitoring app for iPhone & Android

What We Like

  • Monitoring in stealth mode.
  • It’s jam-packed with enticing monitoring features.

What We Don’t Like

  • Data updates are frequently delayed.
  • A single license only allows you to track one phone at a time.
  • There is no live customer care or assistance available.

It is one of the best phone monitoring apps, which mostly monitors social media and emails, alerting the parent’s account if anything was deemed wrong. Bark tracks over 25 social networking platforms, and it can view sent, received, and deleted messages, photographs, and videos if you grant it access. It is also possible to keep track of all text communications.

The bark is one of the most affordable parental control apps on the market, and it does a lot more than its competitors. Other parental control tools allow you to filter content or block harmful websites and apps. When it comes to social media monitoring, though, Bark is unrivaled. Bark accounts are also a terrific deal for large families with many gadgets because they offer to monitor for an unlimited number of children and devices.

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The Main Features of Bark App

  • Parents are informed about sensitive online topics.
  • Keep track of your child’s phone calls and text messages.
  • Keep track of all of their browser’s search history.

mSpy – Phone monitoring app

What We Like

  • Installation and setup are simple.
  • It is possible to trace your child’s whereabouts using Location tracking.
  • On the target device, undesired apps can be disabled.

What We Don’t Like

  • It takes a long time to upload data from the target device.
  • A little on the pricey side.

Remote espionage using mSpy is a fantastic solution because it can be concealed completely on the target device. Mspy is one of the most popular parental control monitoring programs on the market, and it has a lot to offer in terms of parental control and social media monitoring. MSpy monitoring software allows parents to see what their children are doing on their phones and computers in real-time.

This application is recommended for users who primarily want to access the target phone’s multimedia content. With mSpy, you can simply check pictures and videos. It’s also great for keeping track of social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. mSpy may also be used to spy on Kik, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tinder, and other similar apps.

The Main Features of mSpy

  • Records the GPS location
  • Read sent and received text messages.
  • View call history option and incoming call blocking
  • Tracking instant messages (IMs) apps like WhatsApp and Skype and social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.
  • Record all keystrokes
  • Monitor Internet activities
  • Access contacts and calendar
  • Keyword alerts
  • Apps & websites blocking options
  • Invisible Mode

NEXSPY – The best spy app for Android

What We Like

  • Affordable yearly plans
  • Easy to install 
  • Hide root and jailbreak evidence  
  • Prompt support
  • Invisible (Stealth mode)
  • Remote update, uninstall, and deactivation.
  • Reliable performance
  • 3-day free trial

What We Don’t Like

  • The app is only compatible with iPhones that have been jailbroken.
  • You won’t be able to use any of the functions unless you root your Android handset.

WhatsApp messages may be monitored with NEXSPY. It can also check information on contacts, audio, video calls, and media the device receives and shares. The spy app may remotely record all of the data and transfer it to your device without using a target phone.

Apart from monitoring WhatsApp data, the NEXSPY WhatsApp hacking tool provides several unique features, such as accessing photos, screenshots, keylogging, recording chats, and interactions on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, and so on.

NEXSPY supports both the iOS and Android operating systems. As a result, it can be used on almost any mobile device. If your target device is an iPhone, however, you must first jailbreak it before installing NEXSPY.

The Main Features of NEXSPY

  • Monitor Instant Messengers (IMs) Including FB, Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat, and WhatsApp
  • Works in Stealth mode
  • Track Current GPS Location
  • Block Inappropriate Applications and Content
  • Monitor Notes, Calendar, and Emails
  • Track Website History
  • View Multimedia and Text Messages
  • Monitor Incoming and Outgoing Calls 

FamiSafe – Parental control app

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • The desktop version is also available.
  • Can efficiently track children, especially using Geo-Fencing
  • Up to 30 devices can be linked together.
  • Installed and downloaded with ease from reputable sources
  • Can remotely control and limit the use of the child’s phone
  • There’s a 3-day free trial included
  • There is no need to root or jailbreak your device.

What We Don’t Like

  • You won’t be able to monitor text communications or social media apps.
  • The trial period is brief and limited.
  • Contacts, notes, and calendar events cannot be scanned.
  • Doesn’t keep track of phone calls
  • Doesn’t keep track of messaging applications

This app is effective at simple Web filtering and preventing apps that contain explicit content. The software’s main feature is the geolocation and tracking features, so you won’t have to worry about your kids’ locations after it’s loaded, especially while they’re using their smartphones.

You’ll be on top of things with this parental control software; while it’s not the best at letting parents monitor what’s going on in their children’s social networks, it does allow you to create alerts for objectionable terms. FamiSafe is an economical tool that will help keep your child safe by monitoring website and app usage and tracking location.

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The Main Features of FamiSafe 

  • Provide notification alerts On Adult Content, Abuse, etc
  • Provides real-time location tracking, Geofencing and provide a report on location history
  • Block unwanted apps and web content
  • Provide reports after activity monitoring
  • Allows screen time tracking and also allows limiting your child’s screen time

Net Nanny Parental Control

What We Like

  • Before purchasing, there is no chance for a free trial.
  • Occasionally, it would drain the battery or lag the phone.
  • Working in concealed or stealth mode is not possible.
  • Some key functions, such as SMS and call tracking, are missing.

What We Don’t Like

  • Before purchasing, there is no chance for a free trial.
  • Occasionally, it would drain the battery or lag the phone.
  • Working in concealed or stealth mode is not possible.
  • Some key functions, such as SMS and call tracking, are missing.

Net Nanny is a comprehensive and well-known tool that allows you to monitor your child’s phone calls, messages, and other activities. More than 18 different types of online information can be restricted based on your needs. Any access to adult content can be reported, and the access will be restricted immediately. Additionally, you can add phrases or keywords to the block. You may limit how much time you spend on the Internet.

Net Nanny has branched out from its internet-filtering roots to include blocking apps and limiting a child’s screen time. These features function well, and the web filtering is no longer as subject to workarounds as past assessments. However, it only provides rudimentary geofencing techniques at the moment.

The Main Features of Net Nanny

  • Set time limitations for your child’s device on the Internet.
  • Websites with improper content, such as hate, violence, and pornography, can be blocked.
  • Keep track of where your child’s primary mobile device is.
  • Screen time management
  • Content Filtering

Kaspersky Safe Kids – Parental Control Software

What We Like

  • No limit on devices or child profiles
  • Flexible control of device and app usage
  • Robust web filtering
  • Geofencing
  • Extensive alert system

What We Don’t Like

  • Several iOS limitations
  • Social monitoring covers only VK and FB
  • Sluggish web interface
  • Content filtering limited to specific browsers

Kaspersky Safe Kids provides all of the features you’d expect from a parental control program, and it works on all major platforms. It has the advantage of running on an unlimited number of devices while also providing great web filtering and app blocking features, location monitoring (including geofencing), app monitoring, and time management.

However, it misses some capabilities seen in other solutions, such as an emergency broadcasting SOS button in the child app. It lacks other competitors’ finer geofencing choices and lacks browser-independent web-filtering. Even though Kaspersky’s mobile apps are among the best in the industry, the company’s web interface was slow to browse.

The Main Features of Kaspersky Parental control

  • Allows web content filtering 
  • Apps can be blocked based on their category, such as Games, File Sharing, Communication, Online Shopping, Social Networking, etc.
  • For each day of the week, there is an overall screen time limit.
  • Location Monitoring
  • Web and Application Monitoring

Norton Family Premier

What We Like

  • Provides parents with an easy-to-use web dashboard.
  • There is no restriction on the number of devices that can be tracked.

What We Don’t Like

  • macOS is not supported.
  • Hiding the app (stealth mode) on the target device is not supported.
  • Texts and instant messages cannot be monitored.

Norton Family Premier is the next parental control program that comes to mind after KidsGuard Pro. It’s one of the greatest applications for monitoring your child’s phone, and it can help you protect your child from internet dangers.

It allows individuals to take advantage of the Internet’s benefits without coping with potentially harmful situations. You can set a screen time limit based on your children’s ages or create a timetable on the target phone so that your children don’t engage in other daily activities.

The Main Features of Norton Family

  • Enables you to track the location of the child’s device
  • Manage the apps that are already installed on the target device.
  • Filter and keep track of what your kid is doing on the Internet.
  • Demonstrate how much time your children spend on their gadgets.


  • Windows, iOS, and Android devices are all supported.
  • Provides parents with an easy-to-use web dashboard.
  • There is no restriction on the number of devices that can be tracked.


  • macOS is not supported.
  • Hiding the app (stealth mode) on the target device is not supported.
  • Texts and instant messages cannot be monitored.


What We Like

  • There are numerous features accessible (at least on Android)
  • Supported on various operating systems
  • Granular controls

What We Don’t Like

  • The small feature set on iOS
  • Some iOS features have complex installation instructions.
  • A complex pricing model that could be too expensive for families with many devices

On Android phones, MMGuardian has practically every parental-control option you could desire. Still, its capabilities are rather limited on iOS, and the user interfaces on both platforms are old and annoying. Location tracking and superior web filtering are available in the iOS and Android smartphone apps, and MMGuardian now includes an artificial intelligence component that detects nudity in saved photographs.

The parent can use MMGuardian on an Android phone to read all texts and block any number. Unfortunately, time management and screen-time scheduling are only available on Android, and there is no location tracking in the separate MMGuardian software for Android tablets.

The app management in MMGuardian for iOS is basic, and there is no call or SMS blocking. However, recently included SMS and instant message monitoring via a PC app connected via Wi-Fi to a child’s iPhone.

The Main Features of MMGuardian

  • App management (block unwanted apps)
  • Provides controlled web filtering
  • Time-management and usage scheduling
  • Texting management (monitors SMS)
  • Calls and SMSs block from certain contacts
  • Location tracking


What We Like

  • An ingenious web interface is present
  • Does not require extra hardware
  • Configurable and easy to use 
  • Advanced content filters can be applied
  • Location monitoring and geofencing is supported
  • Comprehensive-time restrictions can be implemented
  • App blocking on mobile and desktop platforms is available
  • Cross-platform support
  • Intuitive apps
  • Comprehensive social media tracking can be performed

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive
  • No tamper-alert feature
  • On both desktop and mobile devices, VPN bypasses the web filter
  • Antivirus software conflicts
  • Social media tracking (Facebook only)
  • No uninstall protection
  • Less compatibility with iOS devices

If you’re looking for free apps to monitor your child’s phone, Qustodio is a good option. This application provides basic security features such as a website screening engine, time restrictions, and the ability to report any suspicious activity.

The SOS option could be one of the most useful features. Its purpose is to notify a trusted contact in the event of an emergency. When your child clicks the button, you will receive an email or a dashboard notification.

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The Main Features of Qustodio

  • Set time limitations on your child’s phone for games and apps.
  • Directly receive a 30-day breakdown of your child’s activity.
  • On the YouTube Android app, you can see what your child searches for and watches.
  • Unwanted apps and unethical search results are blocked.

What We Like

  • The Google Account of the child is used for parental control
  • Manages screen time and apps, as well as filtering mature content
  • Parents can see where their children are
  • Free and easy to use
  • Chrome, Google Play Store, YouTube, and Search are all restricted.

What We Don\’t Like

  • here is an absence of ways to block calls or texts.
  • There is no geofencing or other sophisticated features available.
  • In most areas, you’re underpowered.
  • Does not log search history or website activity

Google Family Link is a terrific start in Google’s effort to assist parents in providing a safer environment for their children. The Family Link app, which Google created, provides a lot of parental control options. It will enable you to create digital rules to limit screen time and safeguard your children from online risks. Continue reading to find out more about Google Family Link and how it can assist you in keeping your children safe online.

  • Web content filtering
  • Block certain content and apps 
  • Monitor the online activities 
  • Monitor screen time
  • Set time limitations for screen usage
  • Location Tracking

How to Choose the Best Phone Monitoring App for your Children’s Phone

What you need from a parental-control program is mostly determined by your children’s age. If you have children under the age of 12, you’ll want to be able to block undesirable websites, but you might also want to look into an Amazon Fire tablet.

If you have teens, you may want to allow them to look at problematic material on the Internet, but only if you are aware of it. You might also want to know who your teenagers are messaging and where they are late on a Friday night using messenger applications. You might also want to look into a service that keeps track of your children’s Windows and Mac computers, as well as their smartphones.

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At a bare minimum, the finest parental control tools will include:

  • A URL filter
  • Location monitoring and reporting
  • Screen-time limitations with a scheduler
  • An app blocker

Geofencing is a useful added function that informs you if a child’s phone leaves a defined “safe” region, such as school or a relative’s residence. Only on Android, several of these apps allow you to block and log the calls and messages your child makes and receives.

A few even let you view a child’s text messages, but none allow you to listen in on a phone call, as this is prohibited. Most of them also allow you to watch your child’s phone using a web interface on a desktop computer as well as your smartphone.

Final Remarks

In the long run, you’re going to have to rely on your judgment about what is best for your child. You also need to get a sense of how much freedom your child wants and deserves. In that regard, you should not be afraid to be open with them about your choice of monitoring software. Doing so will allow your child to actively protect their privacy while also maintaining a healthy relationship with you.

If you are interested in monitoring apps that will help monitor your kids’ online activities, then you must choose from the above list based on your preferences. It helps parents supervise and control how long their children use their phones and app usage.

For most people, the best parental control software will monitor all of your children’s devices, including iPhones and Android phones. The best parental control software will also keep you up to date with what your children are doing across all of their devices. Parents need this information when they’re away from their kids in case something goes wrong. After all, no one wants to be in the dark when it comes to knowing that their child is safe and sound wherever they go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Monitor Your Kid’s iPhone for free? 

Even without a premium subscription, you can monitor your child’s iPhone; you simply share locations with your family members. Also, consider the iOS Parental Control feature, which has been present in iPhones and iPads since last year.

Apple lets you view and control content and apps used by your kids on their iPhone or iPad, as well as monitor their location via Find My Friends. If you want to go a step further, you can also turn off iMessage and FaceTime, block locations of the device, set screen time limits.

How to Monitor Your Kid’s Text Message 

Absolutely! On an Android or iOS smartphone, customers with the Bark Premium membership plan can monitor text message content, including photographs and video.

Suppose Bark detects terminology or media in text messages that you as a parent should be aware of. In that case, we can notify you by email, text message, or in-app, along with a sampling of the potential issue.

To detect possible issues, Bark employs advanced machine learning and statistical analysis techniques. Bark will notify you of any issues identified in the content of your device’s text messages, such as bullying, violence, suicidal ideation, and more, once you’ve set up a device for content monitoring. This provides a copy of the frightening content and suggestions for how to deal with the problem.

How to Monitor Your Kid’s Snapchat without them knowing?

If you need a solution right now, restoring Snapchat backup data and erased multimedia assets can be a lifesaver. However, it’s insufficient if you want a complete picture of your child’s Snapchat behavior.

You might want to use a parental control program like mSpy and NEXSPY if you want to monitor your child’s social media habits in real-time and not just see Snapchat history. You can monitor your child’s Snapchat activity in real-time using mSpy and NEXSPY.