10 Best Apps to Monitor Kids iPhone 2021

Observing the new-gen-kids fiddling with the latest version of smart-phones with ease and finesse surprises us to no limits. They seem to come fully trained on these modern gadgets! From where? By whom? We wonder and smile with appreciation!


Watching ever-increasing incidences of online cheats, frauds, hacking and child abuse leave us frightened and insecure about our children’s safety. With almost no sensor on the type of content spread over innumerable online platforms, we are never sure about the quality of content our children are exposed to and how that content is affecting their tender minds.

We find ourselves stuck between the choices of being a strict monitor or a trust-all liberal. Too much monitoring would trigger irritation and too much liberty might spoil them beyond repair.

How to monitor kids iPhone?

Is it possible to monitor their activities without sitting on their heads all the time?

It is our responsibility to protect our kids and guide them through the good and bad of life with our experience. And for this, we need to be aware of their activities. Earlier, observing physical activities was enough to understand kids’ inclinations and behavior. But now?

Is it possible to be a responsible parent where we know what they are doing online without encroaching in their privacy?

The answer to these questions is “Yes”… an emphatic “Yes”. The good news with the problems is that every problem brings with it its own solution.


It is very much possible to monitor our kid’s activities without them feeling encroached. It is possible to watch our kids’ online activities and understand their inclinations and behavior. Yes, it is possible to know about them and their problems and protect them and guide them on their life journey with love and compassion. And all this is possible without them feeling conscious of being watched all the time.

Phone Monitoring Apps enable you to watch the online activities of your kids ranging from monitoring the call details of their iPhones to tracking your kids’ phone location. These apps can report you about your kids’ browsing habits and also in case any suspicious contact attempts to connect to your children.  

10 Best Apps to monitor your child’s phone 

There are many parental control apps available in the market with each of them offering different features. You can select any one of them depending on your monitoring needs. With this article, we would help you to choose one from the 10 best apps to monitor the child’s Phone. We would try to answer an important question of ‘how to monitor kid’s iPhone’ by describing their unique features and their pros & cons.

NEXSPY iPhone parental monitoring app

With its various unique features, NEXSPY stands out as one of the best iPhone monitoring apps available to monitor a child’s iPhone.


NEXSPY customers are highly satisfied due to the app’s wide range of more than 50 useful features.

Monitors Communication Activities

NEXSPY monitors contacts list; call details; messages, email communications and conversation on various social media platforms.

You can also select specific contact numbers and set them to receive notifications whenever your kid is contacted through that number.

Location Tracking & GEOfencing

It tracks the location of your kids and gives information about entering or exiting any particular location through its GEOfencing feature.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

Media Files

You can monitor your kids’ gallery items like photos, albums, videos, etc to understand their interests and inclinations. It is helpful for you in guiding your under-aged-kids.

Keyword & Keylogger Alert

You can set NEXSPY to get alerts whenever your kids view some specific keywords not appropriate for his viewing.


  • Wide range of features.
  • NEXSPY can be kept hidden on the target device.
  • Compatible with Android (rooted and unrooted) as well as iOS devices.
  • The storage of data is secured.
  • NEXSPY has a very reasonable price range with multiple subscription options.


  • It requires physical access to the target device.
  • Works only with Jailbreak iPhone devices.

OurPact iPhone monitoring apps

OurPact is one of the most preferred parental apps. Easy to use features of OurPact ensure the safety of kids from cyberbullying and ensure blocking of any inappropriate content to appear on your kids’ device. Its most useful features include,

  • Blocking- You can select to block the internet and apps from your kids’ device. Moreover, OurPact can be selected to block texts on a device.
  • Screen Time Schedules- Using OurPact you can Schedule daily or weekly screen time for your kids’ viewing
  • Existing and New Apps- You can view the list of installed apps and get alert whenever any new app is added in your kids’ device.
  • Content Blocker- You can block inappropriate content on your child’s iPhone


  • Unique Blocking & Schedule features ensure efficient family time management.
  • Web Filtering in OurPact is unique and cannot be bypassed. This ensures safe viewing by your kids at all times.
  • Customers get Bulk Device Management offers. So, no need to pay for individual device management.


  • Cannot manage some watch functions like Activity Tracker, Alarm or Walkie-Talkie.
  • Relatively new and having some Management challenges to overcome.

FamiSafe: Parental apps for iPhone

Concerned about your kids’ whereabouts, excessive and untimely use of cell phones and about the quality of content they are watching, FamiSafe is your answer.

The slogan on the FamiSafe website reads, “Parenting is not an easy job. We make it as easier as possible”.


FamiSafe ensures it through its many easy to use features.

  • Text Alerts- Parents can receive text messages about any suspicious or harmful online activities of their kids.
  • GEOfencing- Parents can get alerts whenever their kids enter or exit a specific location.
  • App Blocker & Web Content Filter- Apps can be blocked during specific times to avoid kid’s distraction. Web Content filter prevents viewing of inappropriate content.
  • Tracking Screen time- Duration of phone usage can be tracked and controlled through FamiSafe.


  • Unique Text Alert feature.
  • Rooting or jailbreaking is not necessary.
  • Multiple devices can be connected to a single plan.


  • Physical access to the target device is necessary to install the FamiSafe app.

FamilyTime iPhone monitoring apps

FamilyTime is one of the most popular ‘Limit Screen Time’ app available. Its family-friendly features make it unique among many apps available in the market. It effectively answers the big question, ‘How Can I Monitor My Child’s Text Messages on Android?‘.

  • Screen Time Limit- This feature helps in managing time spent by kids on their smart phones.
  • Block & Filter Content- To prevent kids from getting exposed to inappropriate online content.
  • Location tracking and GEOfencing- This feature helps in tracking the real-time location with alerts during entering and exiting specific locations.
  • Panic button option, Driving Speed limits and Family Pause are some of the unique features which are not available in any other iPhone or Android spy app.


  • The entire family can connect through one family account through one dashboard.
  • Many unique features specially built for family purposes.


  • Physical access to the target device is necessary to install the FamilyTime app.

Qustodio: Parental apps for iPhone

Qustodio is an effective parental control app. It provides features to effectively monitor a child’s iPhone and cyber activities and alarm you as per your need.

  • Screen Time- You can set daily screen time for your kids.
  • Content Filter- Smart web filter of Qustodio ensures to prevent viewing of inappropriate content viewing.
  • Location tracking, monitoring your kids’ social media activities and call details are some more features of Qustodio.


  • It can generate useful reports on your kids’ mobile activities.
  • Works on smart phones, desktops, laptops, and tablets.


  • Physical access to the target device is necessary to install the Qustodio app.
  • Sends only email notification of alerts to the parents.

mSpy: iPhone parental monitoring app

mSpy is one of the most popular Android and iPhone spy apps for parents to monitor their kids’ online activities. Its many powerful features set an example in showing how to monitor your kids’ messages on iPhone.

  • mSpy can monitor call logs, messages, and emails. It can access the contact list, calendar, and monitor installed apps as well.
  • You can access target device gallery items including images and videos.
  • The keyword alert feature ensures that any inappropriate viewing by your kid is notified to you in real-time.
  • GPS location tracking is pretty accurate.
  • It is also possible to track the model number of the target device. Moreover, getting information on the operating network is also possible with mSpy.


  • It works with both jail-breaking and non-jailbreaking versions.
  • Remote installation on iPhone is possible through iCloud credentials.


  • Physical access to the target device is necessary for the Android OS.

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Norton Family Parental Control:  iPhone monitoring apps

With its unique supervision features, Norton Family Parental Control offers a powerful product to its customers. It is a perfect example of parental apps for iPhone.

  • Supervision of web activities like browsing, searching, and conversation on different social media platforms.
  • Supervision of time spent by your kids on their devices.
  • Viewing time and pattern of YouTube videos and time spent on Facebook.
  • It helps kids to protect important information from accidentally leaking.


  • It has a unique supervision features.
  • It promotes an environment of mutual trust through Access Request features.


  • Not possible to track the online conversation.

Mobicip iPhone parental monitoring app

Every parent wants to provide a safe learning environment for their kids. Mobicip spy assists parents with its effective features,

  • Dynamic scanning of the content of the target phone.
  • Mobicip helps to track all the video content of your kid’s device by setting age-specific videos suitable for their viewing.
  • Parents can block distracting apps and can keep an eye on kids’ browsing habits. 
  • It is a kid locator app and assists in getting the location of your kids.
  • Setting the screen time limit saves your kids from excessive mobile viewing.


  • Very easy to set up.
  • Not possible for a child to uninstall it.
  • Effectively blocks the web content through its unique content filtering technology.


  • Real-time notifications missing.
  • Physical access of devices needed to install the app.

Screen Time to monitor child’s iPhone

As the name suggests Screen Time app monitors the effective time kids spend on screen. Screen Time exclusive features are built around this very objective.

  • Parents can set time limits on their kids’ screen time. They can use extra screen time as a reward for completing certain tasks like home-work etc..
  • Screen Limits allow setting schedules for screen time and block it during study or sleep time etc.
  • No more delays. The instant pause feature allows parents instant control over their kids’ devices.
  • Relaxing schedules through Free Play features allow parents to free their kids from the set time schedules.
  • Location tracking web content filter, App approval are some more features that make Screen Time a very effective app for kids’ monitoring.


  • Involves well-wishers to manage kids’ activities.
  • Motivates to complete important tasks by offering extra Screen Time reward.
  • Single account for the entire family.


  • Instant pause is not very efficient.

WebWatcher- Parental apps for iPhone

As the name suggests WebWatcher watches your kids’ web activity and alerts you on any risk triggering activity. It has many useful features up its sleeves.

  • It can track call details, texts including deleted texts and gallery items of your kids’ device.
  • You can have access to kids’ browsing history and activities on different social media platforms.
  • WebWatcher also helps in tracking your kids’ location.


  • No need to root or jailbreak devices.
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices


  • Alerts are not sent via Text.
  • Filtering web content is not very efficient.

Conclusion: App to monitor kids phone

So, going through this article it is pretty evident that it is possible to monitor your kids’ activities. And it is possible without encroaching in their personal space.

Therefore, parents can easily strike a balance between being overcautious and over liberal in their approach. These monitoring apps allow them to protect their kids from cyberbullying and exposure to inappropriate content viewing while avoiding nagging.

Monitoring kids’ online activities also provide useful information about kids’ areas of interest, their inclinations, and behavioral patterns. Therefore, it becomes easier for parents to guide their kids’ in the right direction.

Hence, we can conclude that monitoring apps not only protect your kids from the dangers of the cyber world but using them wisely also opens up new doors for their growth and development.